Switzerland is a country mainly known for its neutrality. There is idea, probably because it is not involved in any major wars, that Switzerland is a land of peace. The Amazing Race  teams made their way to Switzerland in leg 4 of season 28 and took that peace-loving part of the country to heart. The first, and presumably only, Switzerland leg of The Amazing Race was less a competition and more just friendly romp around the country. Teams helped one another with challenges, traveled together on the public transit and in one particular case, even shared a romantic connection.

#Blodie: Blair & Brodie

The teams get their first clue and learn that they are headed to Switzerland. The biggest news of the day though has nothing to do with the destination. For the first time since the first leg, all the teams are gathered together in the same place, the airport. This causes everyone to freak out because evidently Brodie, of Ultimate Frisbee and Huge Teeth fame, has a not so insignificant crush on Blair, of the Squeaky Voice and Makeup Tutorial fame. 

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The Brodie and Blair connection only grows deeper when the teams have to wait to head to the Detour once they touch down in Switzerland. The team hunker down in some cozy underground area to sleep. Brodie and Blair have a bit of time to chat while Tyler and Korey watch the two of them like some very excited (leering) chaperons. 

A Stroll in the Park (With Knives)

Once the teams wake up the next morning, the choice of Detour is revealed. The teams must choose between “Work Bench” and “Bench Work.” In “Work Bench,” the teams must create their own Swiss Army knife. They are given an instruction booklet but it still very intricate and precise. In “Bench Work,” the teams must measure one of the longest park benches in Switzerland by the number of newspapers it takes to fill it. This requires the pairs to scoot themselves down the bench holding up a newspaper and counting. It’s a lot harder and more entertaining than it sounds. 

There are only a few teams who make it to “Work Bench” and they all have a pretty easy time of completing it. It’s just time consuming and the results vary wildly. Brodie and Kurt are the only ones to get the number correct on their first try. They are right in the correct range of numbers with 190 newspapers. Brodie and Kurt tell two teams their answer: Burnie and Ashley as well as Dana and Matt. It’s a good thing that Dana is told the correct answer too because once again, she is about ready to murder Matt for continuing to be himself. Why are these two still together?!

Cliquing over Flags

From the Detour, the teams head to the Roadblock. In the Roadblock the teams must head to the United Nations office in Switzerland. Once they have arrived, the designated member of the team must find the flags of ten of the original United Nations countries. Since Geography and flag memorization is literally the worst, people quickly begin to group up with members from other teams. 

While all these pairings, threesomes and foursomes are occurring, Instagram models, Jessica and Brittany, are still back at the “Bench Work” Detour. To back up slightly, Jessica and Brittany were unaware that Switzerland was even a country before they were headed there. So it’s safe to say they’re not having a great day.

At “Work Bench,” they’re about as good as counting newspapers as they were at recognizing foreign nations. While they eventually figure out the right number of the newspapers, it’s long after everyone else. They fly right back into the frying pan, of course, because they have to confront their lack of country knowledge again when they arrive at the Roadblock. 

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By the time the models show up, all the other teams have grouped together. No one wants to work with the Jessica, the designated model chosen to the Roadblock. (Or is it Brittany? It doesn’t matter. as they are virtually interchangeable anyway.) Instead of work on the Roadblock, alone, Jessica (or Brittany) walks around near tears talking about how unfair it is that no one wants to help the person in last place. (It’s almost like this is a race of some sort.) 

A (Group) Photo Finish

Once the Roadblock is complete, the teams must head to the Pit Stop, which is actually in France. This means, to finish the leg, the teams have to jump on a train to head to their next designation. It sounds like typical fare for the show but it really isn’t with this leg. Either The Amazing Race didn’t anticipate that so many teams would work together or they didn’t look at the train schedules closely enough. Whatever the reason, something very unusual and boring occurs. 

All the teams (except the models) end up in one big clump on the same train. I don’t know if you’re aware how boring it is to watch eight couples ride the same train but let me assure you, it is a complete bummer. This monstrous clump of sweaty people eventually piles out of the train together in France and run to the Pit Stop. This results in a nearly eight-way tie. Brodie and Kurt technically come in first, but a series of seconds separate first and eighth place. 

Luckily for this big happy family, they won’t have to look those they abandoned in the face. The models arrive in dead last, all alone, and are eliminated for the race. No one mourns their passing, nor knows which one was Jessica and which one was Brittany. 

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8pm on CBS.

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