A major blindside happened this week on Survivor while a huge game-changing twist came in the form a Super Idol, the result of two combined Hidden Immunity Idols which can be used to save someone after the votes have been cast and read.

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After Alecia and Cydney found the first two clues, Jason obtained the Brawn tribe Idol. On the other hand, Tai found the Beauty Idol and then got emotional about killing a chicken. 

As for the Immunity Challenge, the players had to swim out to a boat and retrieve three bags of rice, which they will push through a fence and over a balance beam. Once on land, they had to maneuver a ball through a maze of holes. Beauty came in first, winning comfort items, followed by the Brawns tribe, which earned emotional items. That meant Brains had to go to Tribal Council for the first time. 

Liz Markham saw Brains’ defeat as  a “blessing in a disguise” since it would allow her to get rid of someone in her tribe, not knowing that in the end she would be the one going home. Debbie, whose role is to observe and gather intel, was the mastermind of this blindside as she convinced her tribe members to turn against Liz.

Do you think the right person was voted out?

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Dean Bextor

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