If you’re a fan of both American Idol and Scandal, then you’ll want to keep reading because Jennifer Hudson has done a parody video spoofing the hit ABC drama. Also in today’s Roundup, Candice Glover’s album has been delayed yet again — find out what the new release date is below. And both Jordin Sparks and Allison Iraheta have released new songs.

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Jennifer Hudson Spoofs Scandal

The White House is enlisting the help of Hollywood stars like Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keys to help promote President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the health care reform law known as the Affordable Care Act.

Jennifer Hudson is certainly no stranger to the President, as she’s done fundraisers for him in the past, sang the National Anthem at the Democratic National Convention and even performed “Let’s Stay Together” during the Obamas’ inauguration dance earlier this year. So it should come as no surprise that she’s getting involved yet again. In this new Funny or Die video, she’s promoting the ACA in a spoof of Scandal.

Candice Glover’s Album Delayed … Again

It looks like Interscope Records has all but given up on the reigning American Idol champion, Candice Glover. Her debut album, Music Speaks, was originally scheduled for a July 16 release date, but was eventually delayed until October 8 — that’s less than a week away and there’s been zero marketing or publicity for her. Now we know why: the album has been delayed yet again; it will now be released next year.

Keith Caulfield, the Associated Director of Charts at Billboard, broke the news: “2013 @AmericanIdol winner Candice Glover has moved her debut album release from Oct. 8 to Feb. 18, 2014.” He notes that she is the first Idol winner “not to release their 1st post-‘Idol’ album in the same year [that they won] since Kelly Clarkson (02/03).” And the only reason Kelly’s didn’t drop in the same year was because American Idol aired during the summer of 2002 and there obviously wouldn’t have been enough time to release it that fall.

Interscope has since confirmed the news.

Candice herself also went on Twitter to make an announcement¬†of her own: “I’ll be ustreaming later this week to answer all questions, as well as premiering my new single.”

An October launch would have been perfect because it’d be right in the window of the Christmas shopping season. Releasing the album in February will only hurt her because Christmas will be behind us and no one will want to buy anything else, unless they’re banking on people using their gift cards. (Doubtful.)

This is really terrible news because Candice is one of the most talented singers to come out of American Idol. It’s just unfortunate that she had to compete during not only the lowest-rated season the show has ever seen, but also the most controversial. I just hope her label goes for a big marketing push at the start of the year and does whatever it can to promote her because she deserves to do well.

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New Jordin Sparks Song with Salaam Remi

Jordin Sparks has collaborated with hip-hop producer Salaam Remi on his new album, One in the Chamber. She’s featured on a song called “Chocolate Brown Eyes,” which you can listen to below. We’re used to pop/R&B songs from the season 6 winner, but this new track is slower and adds some jazz influences, which I really like.

Allison Iraheta’s New Song with Halo Circus

If you didn’t already know, season 8 finalist Allison Iraheta is the lead singer of a band called Halo Circus. Their debut album will drop in early 2014 on indie label Manimal Vinyl. But in the meantime, they’re releasing a single, “Gone,” on October 8 — and if you buy it on iTunes, you’ll not only receive the radio edit (which you can listen to below), but also a version with Allison singing in Spanish and what Yahoo is calling a “stripped-down garage version using only circa-1961 technology.”

Halo Circus also features guitarist David Immerman and Allison’s own husband, producer/musician Matthew Hager.

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