Last time on The Amazing Race, Keith Tollefson and his fiancée Whitney Duncan, were accused of playing dirty by mother and daughter duo, Shelley and Nici Porter. What was the issue? Keith waited in line to receive a clue without his team mate by his side, which is against the rules. This outraged Shelley and Nici, who were both there. Keith refused to move, and a new feud was born!

At the U-Turn, Shelley and Nici enjoyed a bit of revenge and U-Turned Keith and Whitney. The couple was unable to make up for lost time, and Keith and Whitney were eliminated from The Amazing Race. So who will take the lead in this leg of the race? Let’s find out!

Horse-Drawn Confusion

“I Feel like I Just Kissed a Goat” starts off in Morocco for the remaining seven teams, where Alli and Kym, who won the previous leg, receive the first clue. Teams must deliver hay to a stable, then take a horse-drawn carriage ride into town and exchange their old-school ride for a sleek, modern one. (Hello, Ford!)

Adam and Bethany arrive at the stable just ahead of Kym and Alli. When Kym meets her horse, she remarks that its teeth are yellow, and it should “talk to this team I know.” Hilarious! Of course, Brooke takes a moment to body slam a bag of hay. Race, what race?

Lost Again

Shelley and Nici and Amy and Maya, who try to find the stable on foot, meet up with Bethany and Adam as they are completing the challenge, and Adam tells them they need to get a taxi. Amy and Maya do locate some hay, and after hauling it over to the stable, discover that it is not from the marked station. Once they complete the task, Shelley and Nici and Maya and Amy hit the road, and promptly get lost.

Get Your Goats

Teams must now drive to a pottery stand to locate their next clue. Kym and Alli get there first and somehow manage to find the clue box in a sea of pottery. It is a Detour, and teams must pick either “Camp” or “Cream.” For “Camp” teams must re-create a campsite of a traditional, nomadic tribe. When it is done correctly, they will receive their next clue. The “Cream” challenge requires teams to milk goats and then, by hand, make three ounces of goat butter to get the next clue.

Kym and Alli decide to go for the cream challenge, as do Bethany and Adam. Misti and Jim, and their radiant white teeth, opt to go for the camp option.  Kym and Alli are concerned when they learn that it will take about 45 minutes to turn the cream into butter, so they decide to switch challenges. While Robbie stands on the sidelines holding the bowl, Brooke gets out her aggression by trying to capture a goat.

 Kym and Alli begin to doubt their decision and after struggling with setting up the tent, head back to the goats. Once the cream is put inside a container of animal skins, one team member must blow inside the bag to cool the milk.  I love Bethany and Adam. As a local villager sings during the task, Adam joins in and the villager laughs.

Fear of Heights

Misti and Jim complete the tent challenge, and get the next clue. So where are the teams headed next? They must drive to Terres D’Amanar and look for the clue box. Bethany and Adam finish the goat challenge, and head out for the next clue.

The next clue is a Roadblock, and poses the question “Who has the knack for sliding things into place?” One team member must cross above the jagged canyons of the Atlas Mountains by using a series of zip lines and swinging bridges. When they are halfway through the course, the competitor must stop and solve a puzzle before continuing. Wait, some of the bridges are not only wobbly, but don’t have wooden planks. Yikes! Misti makes it to the puzzle with little trouble and gets to work.  She completes it correctly and after another zip line adventure, receives the next clue. It is the location of the Pit Stop — Casbah D’If. 

Doing Whatever it Takes

Bethany takes on the Roadblock and proves that she is, once again, a force to be reckoned with. In order to complete the puzzle, she uses her hand and both feet.  Meanwhile, Kym and Alli haven’t made enough butter yet, and Robbie is obsessed with his muscles while attempting to turn the cream into butter. Maya and Amy and Brooke and Robbie finally complete the challenge, and pass Nici and Shelley just as they are arriving. 

Alli and Te Jay team up at the puzzle to help each other. Brooke’s whining and crying have come back to haunt all of us. She is so perplexed at the puzzle that Maya offers a pep talk while she works on her own puzzle. Shelley and Nici finally arrive, and Shelley tackles the Roadblock.

The Pit Stop

Misti and Jim reach the mat first, and clinch first place. They also win a trip to Brazil. Congrats, Misti and Jim! Now Jim’s ego is back in all its glory, and it pains me to watch him rant about how they belong at the top. Bethany and Adam come in second place, and Kym and Alli grab third.

The Last to Arrive…

Shelley and Nici are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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