Last week, the remaining eight teams on The Amazing Race arrived in Gdansk, Poland. Several teams suffered from taxi troubles and difficulty completing the Detour challenges. I must say that the polka challenge was extremely amusing.  Tim and Danny chose to U-Turn Leo and Jamal, who in turn decided to U-Turn Brandon and Adam.

Timothy and Marie (Reebs) were the first couple to reach the Pit Stop. The final team to arrive, Brandon and Adam, were eliminated.

So who will take the lead in this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

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Heading to Vienna

Tim and Reebs receive the first clue, and the teams are headed to Vienna, Austria, by train. Once there, they must find the Vienna State Opera House to get the next clue. Reebs feels confident that they did the right thing by using their Express Pass to maintain their lead. They also decide to wait for their new best friends, Jason and Amy, who are the next to depart.

Leo and Jamal join Ally and Ashley, their “race wives,” on a different train that will connect in Warsaw. During their layover, the other teams are overcome with joy when they spot Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) and Ally and Ashley. Well, not so much. When the group asks them if they U-Turned Brandon and Adam, they deny it. The teams all board the same train to Vienna.

Behind the Masks

The teams race to the Vienna Opera House where they encounter a Detour, which consists of two challenges: “Light Brigade” or “Masquerade.” In “Light Brigade,” teams must dress in period costume and assemble a crystal chandelier. If it is not correct, they must perform the “Masquerade” challenge. The “Masquerade” challenge requires teams to don ornate masks and join a Viennese ball. They must match up the masks that they are wearing with the masks of a dancing couple.

Fast Forward or Not?

There is also a Fast Forward, which allows a team to advance directly to the Pit Stop once they complete the task. The Fast Forward is at the Donauturm, and requires both team members to perform a 500 foot bungee jump. Jason and Amy head off to attempt the Fast Forward. When Jason and Amy arrive, they are told that it is too windy to jump. Jason wants to leave, but Amy wants to wait a few minutes to see if the conditions improve. They finally decide to head back to the Detour.

The “Masquerade” challenge is quite popular, and no teams attempt the “Light Brigade.” It is also difficult because the masks are all similar in color and design. Watching the teams darting around the elegant dancers is very entertaining.  Tim and Reebs finally complete the task, and are off to find the next clue at the Weiner Sangerknaben. Well, they would be if they could locate a taxi.

Join the Choir

At the next location, teams encounter a Roadblock which requires one team member to join the Vienna Boys Choir and sing “Die Forelle” by Franz Schubert. Teams are judged on their German pronunciation and their musicality.

During the performances, the Vienna Boys Choir, and the other teams, can’t contain their laughter. This challenge is going to take a while! On his second attempt, Travis nails it. This married couple heads to Schonbrunn Palace and search a garden maze for the next clue.

Taxi Thief

Poor Jason and Amy ask their cab driver to wait, and leave their backpacks in the taxi. The impatient taxi driver removes the bags, and Nicky and Kim decide to find a different cab. Will an attack of conscience bother Timothy and Reebs? No way, and in fact, Reebs plans to tell people that Leo and Jamal took the cab. Jason and Amy are not happy campers when they discover their bags on the lawn and no cab.

At the garden maze, Amy and Jason spot their original cab driver and run over to see who stole their taxi. They see Timothy and Reebs’ bags and are very upset about their discovery.
Meanwhile, Ally and Tim continue to struggle through the choir challenge.

The Pit Stop

The Pit Stop for this leg of the race is the Gloriette, the centerpiece of the lovely garden. Nicole and Travis are the first to reach the mat. Host Phil Keoghan informs them that they have won a trip to Anguilla. Nicky and Kim are the second team to arrive, followed by Leo and Jamal.

Timothy and Reebs reach the mat just ahead of an angry Jason and Amy. When confronted about their taxi thievery, Reebs points out that they didn’t remove the bags, so there isn’t a problem. Jason remarks that they went to a Fast Forward, came back and are still in the race, so they are a better team. You tell them, Jason!

Tim and Danny are the final team to arrive at the Pit Stop and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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