Last week on The Amazing Race, nine teams arrived in Norway from Lisbon, Portugal.  Brandon and Adam were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, which was a Viking Longhouse, complete with rowdy, feasting Vikings. I loved the Vikings, and Brandon and Adam felt right at home with their bearded brethren. They received a prize of $5,000 each, and the news that the teams were still racing.

Nicole and Travis offered to help a desperate (and lost) Timothy and Marie (Reebs) in exchange for the Express Pass. Reebs was not pleased with Timothy’s decision.

So who will take the lead in this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

Keep on Racing

Jason and Amy are the second team to arrive at the Pit Stop. They receive the next clue and find out they must travel by boat and plane to Gdansk, Poland. Once they land, teams must go to Solidarity Square to find the next clue. Nicky and Kim are the last team to arrive, and warmly embrace host Phil Keoghan. Maybe it was more like clinging to him from exhaustion, but that point is debatable. They are thrilled to still be in the race.

Transportation Troubles

All the teams are on the same 34 hour boat ride, and Reebs gives Nicole and Travis the Express Pass and then cautions them not to tell anyone. Once the plane lands in Gdansk, the race begins to Solidarity Square. Teams then must travel to the Golden Gate, which is the entrance to Old Town Gdansk. Timothy and Reebs, Ally and Ashley, and Leo and Jamal are all having taxi issues, and seem to be lost. Jason and Amy’s cab driver gets in on the action and tells Brandon and Adam over the phone that he doesn’t know where the Golden Gate is located.

May I Have This Dance?

When teams reach the Golden Gate, they encounter a Detour, which is comprised of two challenges: “Pose” or “Polka.” In the “Pose” challenge, teams must stand and copy the pose of an iconic statue of Neptune and earn money from passersby. In the “Polka” challenge, team members must learn and perform a choreographed polka while in costume. Tim and Danny decide to do the “Polka” challenge, and a lively debate over who would look better in the female costume ensues, and it is hilarious! Danny loses and must don a dress, and boy is he enthusiastic about it (well, not really.)

Jason and Amy complete the “Polka” challenge, and this causes Tim and Danny’s frustration to peak. They finally complete the challenge and must endure the laughter of their cab driver as they continue on their odyssey.

Strike a Pose

Nicky and Kim choose the “Pose” challenge, and standing still with Neptune’s trident is more demanding than it seems. Once Nicky and Kim collect the required amount of money, they set off to find the Medieval Harbor Crane. Oh, and teams must wear their costumes from “Pose” or “Polka” for the remainder of this leg of The Amazing Race. Brandon and Adam attempt the “Pose” challenge, but fail to earn much money, so they head off to try their luck in the dance arena.

Double U-Turn Ahead

At the Medieval Harbor Crane, teams discover a double U-Turn. This gives two teams the opportunity to slow down two other teams by forcing them to perform both challenges from the Detour. Jason and Amy opt not to U-Turn any other teams, so they race off to locate the longest apartment building in Poland. Timothy and Reebs decide to use their Express Pass, and also decide not to U-Turn anyone. 

It seems that Tim and Danny are not in a great mood after their “Polka” fiasco, and they U-Turn Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals.) Nicky and Kim, who have been running back and forth trying to find the clue box, also choose not to U-Turn any other teams.

Teamwork Times Three

Timothy and Reebs are the first to find the clue box at the apartment building in Poland. They encounter a “Roadblock,” which requires one team member to use 12 addresses in the enormous building to locate, and eat, a traditional pastry called a rose paczki. Teams must discover the one with the rose-colored filling. Reebs is excited to eat pastries, but Tim is concerned because racers can be penalized for bad manners. When Jason and Amy arrive, they notice that Timothy is not in a costume, and deduce that he and Reebs used their Express Pass. Reebs and Amy decide to team up and do the challenge together.

While Kim decides to take the elevator, Travis runs ahead and pushes the button for every floor. Travis follows Reebs and Amy, so he will know where, and when, they find the correct pastry. Amy asks Travis if he would like to work with them, and he agrees. Travis finds the correct pastry, and tells Amy and Reebs.

You Have Been U-Turned

Leo and Jamal discover that they have been U-turned, and decide to U-Turn Brandon and Adam, who are still attempting the “Polka” challenge.  Leo and Jamal charm the crowd as they perform the “Pose” challenge. Leo and Jamal pass Brandon and Adam when they arrive to perform the “Pose” challenge again. Will Brandon and Adam have better luck this time?

The Pit Stop

The Sopot Pier is the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race. Finding host Phil Keoghan may be tricky as the pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe. Yikes!

In a close contest, Timothy and Reebs reach the mat first. Timothy and Reebs also win a trip to romantic Hawaii. Jason and Amy take second place, and Travis and Nicole are in third place.

The last team to arrive is Brandon and Adam, and they are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8 pm on CBS
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