Hey there, Project Runway fans! If it seems like no time at all has passed since last season it’s because none has; season 12 just wrapped last week. But enough about that, it’s time for the seasoned veterans to hash it out on the third season of Project Runway All Stars.

Reunited and it Feels So Catty

All of the designers meet Alyssa Milano outside of Parsons. Melissa and Elena are kind of excited to see each other, but also they kind of hate seeing each other. Elena claims that she’s chilled out a lot since her season (she does Yoga now, guys) but she’s still intimidated being the only one there who hasn’t won a challenge.

Mychael Knight seems to be a bit thrown-off when he sees his season 3 competitor Jeffrey. But he is determined not only to not let Jeffrey get in his head, but to take him down.

Also, not to put my journalistic integrity at risk by sounding biased but, TEAM KORTO.

Alyssa Milano, who is for sure stunning but with about one-third of the charisma that Heidi Klum possesses (I mean, I get it, those are some tough stilettos to fill) tells them that their first challenge is a punk rock challenge. The designers have to take inspiration from some newly recorded tracks by Blondie to create a punk rock and fashion forward look. Not only that, but they won’t have the comforts of their Parson’s home. The designers will have to shop and then create their whole looks at Mood.

In the Mood

The good news about working at Mood is that they get to work with Swatch. The bad news is they are in the cramped space of the Mood basement where they have to share close quarters and little work space.

Zanna Roberts Rassi is no Tim Gunn, but she does have a charming accent and she is mentoring the designers this season.

Ari talks about how transitioning into a woman has really helped shape her as a designer as well, especially because now she feels like she can be herself so she’s happier. She makes a quick decision to completely transform her look by cutting off the legs of the pants and turning them into sleeves. She thinks it’s an improvement but still worries that the look isn’t punk enough.

Jeffrey says he hasn’t made a pattern since he designed his final collection for season three. Not only that but he’s been designating clothes for children for the past several years. But if there’s one thing he does know, it’s punk.

Elena is making a patchwork type jacket. She’s struggling with the way it’s fitting when her model says that sometimes she wears clothes backwards. So Elena turns the jacket around backwards and Eureka! She thinks she’s solved all her problems.

It’s hard for Viktor to place his grommets on his jacket without the normal tools and space he would have at the work room. But he manages to find some space on the floor to execute his technique. Zanna tells him not to sweat the details, but make sure his design follows the challenge.

Zanna also warns Melissa not to spend so much time on her vest that she doesn’t have time for the rest of the look. But Melissa does end up spending a lot of time hand-sewing the vest that she’s forced to throw together the dress at the last minute. She’s lucky she picked out such a great print.

Runway Calling

The judges this season are the robotic charismatic Alyssa Milano, gorgeous prom queen of life Georgina Chapman and the now salt-and-peppery Isaac Mizrahi. Joining them this week is Debbie Harry, who will wear the winning look at an upcoming industry event.


Seth Aaron- Alyssa especially loves the plaid pants that Seth Aaron made. She says she totally gets what he was going for. Georgina thinks the piece has great attitude and Isaac thinks the construction is near perfect.

Jeffrey- Debbie adores how Jeffrey’s design looks so effortless and deconstructed. Isaac says it’s great that it’s feminine with the tulle at the bottom, but still punk rock and tough on the top with the jacket.

Elena- Everyone thinks that the (accidental) idea of the “straight jacket” is just genius. They all think the whole look is great and representative of the challenge.


Melissa- Surprisingly enough, the judges actually prefer the little-designed dress to the over-designed vest. Isaac says he’s seen that same vest so many times before.

Viktor- Alyssa likes the printed pants and the jacket with the grommets, but together she doesn’t think the look is very punk rock. Debbie and Isaac agree that it looks very pedestrian and too in control.

Ari- While Georgina appreciates the fit of the shorts, she says the style is way too sophisticated for the challenge. Isaac says the look is a bit dull and needed to be more visual.

Debbie Harry announces that the the winning look she’ll be wearing was designed by Elena. Elena is thrilled because she grew up listening to Blondie’s music with her dad so she gets a bit emotional on the runway. It’s also nice for her to get her first challenge win to prove to her peers that she deserves to be there.

But unfortunately someone had to go home first and that’s Ari. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of her new point of view, but it’s a talented bunch, and it would have been a shame to see any of them go home really.

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