Last time on The Amazing Race the remaining teams journeyed to Africa, where they fed wild dogs, tracked elephants wearing radio collars, and helped build a traditional Bushman’s hut. I was exhausted just watching from home!

Olympians, Aly Dudek and Steve Langton, had a rocky experience from the start. They had a flat tire, and finished last on the first leg in Namibia, which fortunately was a non-elimination leg. However, the couple were unable to overcome an additional Speed Bump and being U-Turned by Tyler and Laura. Sadly, they were eliminated from The Amazing Race. I was really shocked because I thought that they were going to win this season. So who will take the lead on this leg? Let’s find out!

Destination: Amsterdam

“Can I Get a Hot Tub! (Amsterdam)” starts with the teams camping out again in tents. At a team dinner, Matt tells Jelani that U-Turning is just part of the game, and besides, they had the Express Pass that they won on the first leg of the race. The Express Pass may be a convenient excuse, but Ashley and Matt still had a grudge against Jenny and Jelani from earlier in the race. Jenny and Jelani state that everything is fine, but if they have an opportunity, Matt and Ashley are definitely their target.

Laura and Tyler, who won the previous leg, get the next clue. Teams are now headed to Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Upon their arrival, teams will hop in a cab and go to Jagershuis to find the next clue.

In their cab, Blair remarks that their “strategy is to stay positive, good communication, and trust each other.” Maybe Blair and I have been watching two different races, because their team seems fundamentally unable to do any of those things. Well, hope springs eternal, right?

Wooden Shoe Nightmare

At the shop, teams encounter a Roadblock, posing the question, “Who has a nice set of klompen?” Klompen are the wooden shoes that the Dutch have worn for hundreds of years. One team member must sort through hundreds of shoes to find the matching one to receive the next clue. This looks confusing and difficult since the shoes are intricately decorated and look so much alike.

The cobbler sends the racers to don proper attire. Tyler thinks that he finds the match right away, but he is mistaken. Jenny does find it, and also wins a Date Night. The next clue tells the teams to ride bicycles along the Amstel River until they reach Amsterdam’s Mint. Tyler is the second to find the correct klompen.

While Blair searches for the shoe, Hayley nags him to hurry up and focus on the designs. Well, that strategy discussion was pretty useless. Rochelle finds the right klompen, leaving a panicked Matt frantically searching for the correct shoe. After over 40 attempts, Matt finds the right klompen.

Bicycle Race

Jenny and Jelani relax, enjoy the scenery, and ride their bikes on to a ferry to cross the river. Once they leave the ferry, they stop to ask for directions and see Tyler and Laura riding up to the ferry on the opposite side of the river. Hayley and Blair’s bike ride experience is once again a perfect example of their opposite personalities. Blair loves it and finds it invigorating. Hayley hates the odor from the river and is freezing. While Hayley continuously begs Blair to wait for her, he keeps right on pedaling. Sigh.

Hot Tub Trouble

Tyler and Laura are the first team to reach the clue box, and it is a Detour: Soak or Shuffle. In Soak, teams will steer a heated, electric-powered hot tub along Amsterdam’s canals, looking for puzzle clues along the route. (That sounds incredible, and I once again amazed by whoever thinks up these crazy challenges!)

In Shuffle, teams must play a Dutch version of shuffleboard called sjoelen. When they reach 51 points, they will receive their next clue.

Tyler and Laura choose Soak, and are not thrilled to climb into a hot tub when it is 37 degrees outside. Tyler is wearing his boxers, and flexing his arms for on-lookers as they float down the waterway.  Tyler and Laura write down the phrase, which is “Ice Skating Rink.” They grab the next clue which is the location of the next Pit Stop: The Museumplein Ice Rink.

Missing the Symbols

Jelani and Jenny along with Blair and Hayley also opt for a hot tub ride through Amsterdam. Hayley and Blair get lost while Hayley berates Blair for not listening to her when she saw the correct street.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Jelani complete the course but are stuck on the first clue of the puzzle. They decide to retrace their steps and look at the clues one more time. Hayley solves the puzzle pretty easily, which makes up for the fact that she is in her pajama top and underwear for this challenge. When Jenny asks the other couple if they got the first clue, Hayley and Blair pretend to be confused. Jenny and Jelani write down only part of the phrase correctly, “skating rink.” Jenny decides to ask people if they have heard of a skating rink nearby. This duo finally realizes that the clues are about an ice skating rink and submit the correct answer.

Shuffle the Pucks

Mike and Rochelle pick Shuffle. The room is filled with men in historical costumes who explain the rules, which sounds like shuffleboard with slots for the pucks instead of just a flat surface. It looks very difficult and seems to take a long time. The couple gets the next clue after multiple tries, but then get lost trying to find the Pit Stop.

Matt and Ashley arrive, and Matt is amazing at the game. The newly-engaged couple almost reach the required number of points, but fall just short.

The First to Arrive

Laura and Tyler are the first to meet Phil at the mat, and also win a trip to Seoul, South Korea. Congratulations, guys! Phil asks again if they are connecting on a dating level, but Tyler replies that they share a real love for the experience of the race. Blair and Hayley take second place, and Jenny and Jelani nab third place.

The Last to Arrive

Matt and Ashley are the final team to arrive, and hear the magical words “Non-elimination leg.” They are still in The Amazing Race, but will have to complete a Speed Bump on the next leg.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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