American Idol lost one of the most talented and unique singers of the season when we last tuned in to the show. Sure, “Wrecking Ball” the week before wasn’t as original as we’re used to from Joey Cook, but considering she went up against Rayvon Owen for the Twitter Save, it was obvious who should’ve stayed and who should have left.

Rayvon really is like Teflon at this point. He’s been in the Bottom 2 every single week and survives each time. At some point, that luck will run out, but when? And when you look at who is left in the competition with him — Tyanna Jones, Clark Beckham, Jax, Nick Fradiani and Quentin Alexander — I can point out three singers who I would hate to see go home over Rayvon. (Hint: it’s the first three I mentioned.)

So what will happen now? Is anyone truly safe? And will Quentin’s outburst lead to his elimination? Let’s take a look at the remaining contestants and their chances of staying, being in danger and going home.

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Definitely Safe

Tyanna Jones: Because everyone performed two songs, there was always a second chance to make up for a not-so-good performance from earlier in the night. Tyanna didn’t have any bad performances during “American Classics” week, fortunately, but “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” to start off the night wasn’t all that memorable, despite the fact that her voice did sound really good. But then she came out swinging with “Proud Mary” — that ending was amazing! In a way, I hesitate to put anyone in the Definitely Safe category this time around, but I believe Tyanna’s cover of “Proud Mary” is enough to keep her out of danger. If not, then that’s whack.

In the Middle

Clark Beckham: For Clark, though, the producers really should have switched the order of his songs because having his final performance be “Moon River” was a terrible decision. Adding on to that, the song itself was not a good one to choose at all and, frankly, this was one of the most boring performances I’ve heard on American Idol in a while. We all know he’ll be safe, but a performance like this doesn’t help him. Not even his earlier song was enough to offset that because “Superstition” was just average, aside from that really cool opening.

Jax: Some people really liked that Jax came out and didn’t Jax-ify her performances, instead relying pretty much on the original arrangements. As someone who is a huge fan of Jax, I didn’t care for either of her performances. “Beat It” was probably better than “Piece of My Heart,” but I was expecting more than what she delivered. But maybe that’s just me.

Nick Fradiani: I brought up earlier what can happen when a contestant has two chances in a single night to make an impression. If “American Girl” was Nick’s only song (and if Whack Gate, which I’ll bring up in a moment, didn’t happen), there’s a pretty good chance he would be in the Bottom 2. But “Only the Good Die Young” was fantastic. The choice of arrangement was perfect and was one of the biggest reasons why that performance worked. If Nick is completely safe this week, it’ll be because of that.

In Danger

Quentin Alexander: Oh, Quentin. Why did you have to go and act like a kid who didn’t get his way? He made a major mistake. If we were in his shoes, of course we might be upset that our friend could potentially go home. But you don’t go blabbing about it in the way that he did. While we can all understand why he felt this way, I can’t in any way justify his actions at all. Regardless of which side you’re on, Idol viewers/voters don’t take too kindly to this sort of behavior, if you look back over the years. Even if he manages to escape elimination (he did sound good during his performances, after all — not that anyone remembers anymore), he’s earned himself a spot in the Bottom 2 regardless.

Rayvon Owen: Rayvon Owen’s superpower of being able to win the Twitter Save every week continues to hold strong. Will those powers run out this time? It’s hard to say — it will at some point, but when? Rayvon’s first performance, “Long Train Runnin’,” was nothing special, but then he delivered a beautiful rendition of “Always on My Mind,” telling a story along the way. Considering how the past several weeks have gone, I doubt even that will keep him out of the Bottom 2, so we’ll just have to wait for his Twitter Save performance to see what his chances might be. And, of course, there’s also the factor of Quentin’s defenders that could play a big role in the Twitter Save.

Elimination Prediction

Quentin Alexander: If Rayvon goes up against Quentin, will all those Quentin defenders come to his rescue, resulting in Rayvon going home? Or is Rayvon’s power that unstoppable? I could see either one heading home; each of these outcomes wouldn’t surprise me at all. Despite what I said above about not being able to defend Quentin, I would like to see him stay just because he would be more entertaining over Rayvon on the Idol Tour this summer, which I’ll be going to. But voters might punish him for his outburst — and if that happens, he only has himself to blame. The only thing that can save Quentin now is his defenders coming to his rescue for the Twitter Save.

Who do you predict will be eliminated? Will Rayvon survive the Twitter Save yet again? If so, is it the end of the road for Quentin? Share your predictions in the comments section below.

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