Taylor has been a controversial figure on Kid Nation. On the one hand, many people are hesitant to harshly judge a very young person too hard based on an edited presentation on a reality show. On the other hand, many viewers also feel that this aspiring beauty queen hasn’t exactly been Miss Congeniality on Kid Nation thus far.

Whatever you might think of the young woman, she is still is, of course, just a pre-teen with many of the same interests as other young people.

Her favorite movies are Jurassic Park, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Pirates of Caribbean II. Her favorite books include Hatchet, My Life in Dog Years and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Her favorite TV shows are The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Hannah Montana, and her favorite movies stars are Hayden Panttiere & Ashley Tisdale.

She’s been making do with the fare on Kid Nation, but back at home, her favorite drink is Sweet Tea, and her favorite meal includes steak, buttery noodles & baked potato (good things she’s young enough to not yet be concerned with her arteries).

While her ideal vacation might be at “The Beach,” if she could do anywhere in the world, it would be “Paris, because it’s shopping capital of the world.”

But it’s not all movies, celebrities and shopping for the beauty queen. She lists her favorite subjects as “Math & Science.”

And she might be headstrong on the show but she’s willing to listen to others’ opinions in real life. When asked who she thinks the worst Presidents have been, she replied, “Since I’m only 11 and Bush has been Pres. for the last 7 years then I asked my family & friends to tell me about some past presidents and their opinions. This is what we came up with. Bill Clinton because he lowered the country’s moral. Jimmy Carter because he gave away the Panama Canal.”

She does have her own opinions on education, mainly due to her own experience. She said, “I think the government needs to quit making up programs that determine the school’s funding and get back to basic education. I used to love to read until the government started the Reading programs that forces us to read hours a day in class. I learned so much more on this show than I have in school about governing, dealing with problems, issues and managing money.”

For fans of Kid Nation who have been annoyed at her work ethic or lack thereof, they might be interested in her response to the question: “What makes a good leader?”

She responded, “Someone who can take control of all situations while considering everyone involved and listening to everyone’s opinions. Also someone that makes sure that the job gets done and that everyone does his or her part.”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS
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