A rhyming look at the alphabet through the eyes of the TV show Supernatural.

#26 A is for Alastair

Hell’s torture-loving baddie

#25 B is for Bobby

The boys’ surrogate daddy

#24 C is for Castiel

A noble angel of the Lord

#23 D is for Dean

A hero who won’t be ignored

#22 E is for Eve

The Mother of All

#21 F is for Fairies

They’re vicious and small

#20 G is for Ghostfacers

The nerdy Harry and Ed

#19 H is for Hunters

Who kill scary things dead

#18 I is for Impala

Dean’s beloved car

#17 J is for John

The most bad-ass dad, by far

#16 K is for Knife

Which kills demons with rage

#15 L is for Lucifer

Who was trapped in a cage

#14 M is for Mary

The boy’s dear, sweet mama

#13 N is for Necklace

Which Dean threw away, causing drama

#12 O is for Orange

The color of their jail outfit

#11 P is for Paris Hilton

A shapeshifter they did outwit

#10 Q is for Queasy

A feeling caused by the show

#9 R is for Roadhouse

A bar where Hunters would go

#8 S is for Sam

A big, giant boy

#7 T is for Teddy Bear

The suicidal stuffed toy

#6 U is for Uriel

Who called humans monkeys made of mud

#5 V is for Vampires

Who love sucking blood

#4 W is for Winchesters

The boys’ last name, like Smith or Jones

#3 X is for X-Rays

Which showed Enochian symbols on their bones

#2 Y is for Yellow

The color of Azazel’s eyes

#1 Z is for Zombies

Who come when the dead rise

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