Please allow me to apologize for slacking on the rounding up the Glee scoop lately. If I told you I was in a long happiness-induced coma from Kurt and Blaine’s kiss, would you believe me? No? Well too bad, because that’s the story I’m sticking with.

And speaking of stories: Here’s a big, fat roundup of all the spoilers, gossip and news surrounding upcoming Glee stories after the show (finally!) returns April 19. For those who need help catching up, or those who just want all the scoop compiled in one handy catalog, this roundup’s for you:

The latest: Supersized self-acceptance episode. TVLine reports that Glee‘s April 26 episode, “Born This Way,” which will close out with that titular Gaga track, will likely be 90 minutes. The episode will focus on body image and self-acceptance, with Lauren running for prom queen and Rachel considering a nose job. Since most of the episode has already been shot, Ausiello says the Glee producers might try to fill the extra time with two more musical numbers.

“Night of Neglect”: Adele and Keane will soundtrack Sue’s “Legion of Doom.”
When Glee returns April 19, Sue will attempt to ensure New Directions’ failure at Nationals by assembling her own group of local supervillains: Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) and Dustin (Cheyenne Jackson). And Wetpaint reports New Directions will perform a song by Adele (crossing my fingers for “Rolling in the Deep”!), and the Warblers will sing Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Evans family values:
We’ll soon meet Sam Evans’ (Chord Overstreet) brother and sister, reports TV Guide. And he’s not the only “Trouty Mouth” in the family, they say.

What to expect in the homestretch of season 2 (some of these tidbits are from Paley Fest 2011):

  • Ausiello reports in the last six episodes, we’ll see “A VERY unlikely ‘romantic’ pairing start to take shape.” And the season will not end in a major cliffhanger, though we’ll still get questions to “ponder.”
  • Charice is back! And so is Gwyneth, at least for an episode or two.
  • Kristen Chenoweth is finally returning, and she’ll sing a Glee original, “It’s 10 AM and I’m Drunk.” It’s 2pm and I’m excited!
  • A mashup duet for Lea Michele and Diana Agron.
  • Continued happiness for Artie and Brittany. Sorry, Brittana fans.
  • The Rachel/Finn/Quinn and Will/Emma/Carl love triangles will take center stage.
  • A tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors. Such an amazing album, I can’t wait!

  • And season 3…

    • Mercedes WILL get a boyfriend. Any couch casting ideas?
    • Blaine will audition for New Directions. (…Duh?)
    • Ryan Murphy is already courting Gwyneth Paltrow for more appearances.

Regarding Kurt’s return to New Directions: We’ve already discussed possibilities for Kurt’s return to McKinley, but what about what it means for the club? “New Directions eyes an opportunity to get their old soprano back. But there’s a twist, and it involves a power play from an unexpected source within the NDs,” says Ausiello. Kurt’s return will also “spark a pretty important conversation between [Kurt and Blaine]. Not a ‘fight.’ A conversation,” reports E! Online.

That’s a lot to take in, I know. Tell me: What are you MOST looking forward to when Glee returns April 19?

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