Jordan Rodger is still in the running for JoJo Fletcher’s heart on The Bachelorette season 12 but that doesn’t mean his experience on the show has been smooth sailing. The 27-year-old front runner, who happens to the brother of football quarterback Aaron Rodgers, has been plagued with gossip since being cast on the ABC dating show and recently has been accused by his fellow contestants of “not being there for the right reasons.”

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“You know, it’s a weird environment we’re all put in as far as being on camera all the time, and you’ve got other people dating the girl you’re starting to have feelings for. I don’t hold anything against anybody that said anything. I’m not sure why they would have said it, I feel like I was there with very genuine intents, and I feel like everybody knew that, but obviously not quite as well as I thought. It’s not true, so I laugh it off a little bit,” Jordan said on Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time podcast. 

While it looks like Jordan and JoJo are hitting it off on The Bachelorette, Jordan wasn’t exactly an avid fan of The Bachelor season 20, where JoJo competed for Ben Higgins, and was even skeptical of the process initially.

“It was hard to be myself but even more weird than that is when it gets normal and you start to not even notice the camera,” he explained. “I will say that it’s hard for people to understand how real the relationship aspect can be because of what you see on TV. There’s a lot of it that is production and drama that gets people watching, but I will say that the relationship aspect of it is pretty untouched as far as the production.” 

“No one will really understand it if you didn’t go through it,” Jordan added.

Meanwhile, Jordan also hinted that not everything is rosy when it comes to his relationship with his brother Aaron. 

“Um, we have a relationship,” Jordan said when asked how close he is to the Green Bay Packers quarterback. “You know, it’s complicated. I’ll say that.” 

Jordan, who reveals that  he supports the Packers but left out his brother in the explanation, thinks Aaron is watching The Bachelorette.  

“I’m sure everybody watches the show, so yeah,” he said. “I think so, yeah. I haven’t gotten any pointers on my kissing or my dating.” 

The Bachelorette returns Monday, July 11 at 8pm ET on ABC. 

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Dean Bextor

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