It was a shocker when Swapnil was sent home on the last episode of Project Runway, if only because he seemed like he had given up. Despite his attitude, his talent should have taken him to Fashion Week. But now the five remaining designers are left to hash it out for their own spots. And don’t forget, Tim Gunn still has his “save” to use on anyone of them.

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A Bridge Too Far

Heidi tells the final five designers that they’ll be bringing New York City landmarks to life in 3D. They meet Tim by the East River where he tells them they’ll use famous New York bridges as inspiration for their next challenge.

They’ll also work with consultants from Cube 3D printer to develop a 3D print to incorporate into their look. They have $200 and two days.The winner will receive a Cube printer of their own.

Kelly is the only one who gets to choose her bridge (the rest are assigned from the button bag) and she chooses the Manhattan Bridge because of its hip hop relevance. She’s taking the challenge very literally and making the dress look like a bridge, complete with ugly brown brick-like fabric she finds at mood. She’s a little thrown off by the whole avant-garde situation since she’s a self-taught designer. She says her designs skew more “wacky” than avant-garde. Tim likes her idea, although he’s concerned the judges might think it’s too costumey.

Candice has a personal connection to bridges because her father works on bridges. She’s making a look inspired by the Queensboro Bridge. She’s especially taken with the triangle shapes and she wants to re-create those for her 3D print. She’s making a gown with a large top and collar that flares at the bottom. She’s moving away from black for the main base of her dress and working with more red instead.

As an architectural designer, Merline has no problem finding inspiration from the Queensboro Bridge. It’s her plan to have her dress transition from 2D to 3D. She’s making panels on the skirt that transition to her 3D print on the top. Tim doesn’t see her overall vision though and he wonders if things look a little too unbalanced.

After looking at the Manhattan Bridge, Ashley decides she wants to use the curves of the suspension wires. She wants this look to be a little more androgynous, so she’s making a pair of cigarette pants with polka dot mesh. Tim is worried that the 3D print on the top and the pants don’t work together for one harmonious look. She decides she needs a wow-factor aspect of her garment so she decides to make a poncho as well.

Edmond’s inspiration is the Manhattan Bridge as well. He’s using the X’s from the bridge’s design to incorporate his brand name into his 3D print. Not only that, but the chest piece of his dress is in the shape of an X. His garment is going to have lots of movement, but also be structured. He isĀ  worried he hasn’t pushed the avant-garde boundary enough though. So he makes his model a veil to wear on the runway to give the overall look a more avant-garde edge.

3D Runway

Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina on the judging panel is Spice Girl and America’s Got Talent judge, Mel B.

On the Top

Edmond: Heidi loves the dress so much that she wants to wear it to a red carpet event. She says it’s the right amount of sex appeal and sophistication. Mel says it looks perfect. Zac doesn’t love his use of the 3D print, but he says it blends well decoratively. Nina says it’s not as avant-garde as she expected and she thought he’d make something more innovative.

Kelly: Mel says the more she looked at her look, the more she liked it. She says she took a risk and it paid off on every level. Heidi says the inspiration is clear and she loves the new silhouette. Nina says it’s the epitome of an avant-garde look. Zac likes how she played with suspension and form and he really feels the Brooklyn Bridge.

Candice: Heidi says it has a lingerie look to it which is quite sexy. Nina thinks there’s a Spanish motif in this look, but it’s not avant-garde or bridge inspired. Zac agrees with Nina, but he loves her use of the 3D print.

On the Bottom

Merline: Heidi likes the look but it reminds her of Kini’s umbrella dress from last season. She also doesn’t think that it’s as impressive as some of the other looks on the runway tonight. Zac sees the beginnings of her ideas, but it didn’t materialize. Nina likes that it’s polished and elegant, but she doesn’t think it’s avant-garde. It’s just a perfectly nice dress but it’s too safe.

Ashley: Heidi says the look has a lot of drama and it walked down the runway beautifully, but the 3D application wasn’t great. Mel loves the cape but she doesn’t like the pants underneath. Nina loves the outfit with or without the cape. Zac thinks the color is great and he loved the fabric she chose.

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The Results

Kelly is the winner of this challenge. It’s her second win in a row and third overall! The judges loved how she embraced the spirit of this challenge. She says it gives her the confidence she needs to keep being herself.

Candice is safe, but Mel B. likes her dress so much that she wants to wear it to an upcoming event. Clearly, that’s a win for Candice too.

So that means Ashley and Merline are in the bottom. Merline is out despite the fact that there were a lot of things the judges liked about her look. The competition is just too strong at this point.

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