On this episode of The 100, “Die All, Die Merrily,” the clans battle to determine who will live and who will die in Praimfaya, a surprise arrival raises the stakes and Clarke makes a decision with dire consequences.

It’s time for The 100’s equivalent of The Hunger Games, and the crowd is pumped. Bellamy makes on last attempt to talk Octavia out of fighting, but she’s determined to see it through. She’s going up against Ilian who makes it clear he’s in it for his clan, not for her.

Luna Fights for No One

The warrior who prevails the battle and collects the sigils from the fallen and brings them to Gaia will be declared the victor. The champion will decide which clan will survive and which will die in Praimfaya. Luna arrives and will fight as the last remaining member of her clan. But she’s not fighting for anyone, she’s fighting for death and declares that when she wins, no one will be saved.

Indra offers Octavia some last words of advice and offers her a sword. Octavia questions why Indra would help her since if she wins, it would mean the end of her people, but Indra says Octavia is her people. Indra makes it clear that she taught Octavia how to fight, but who she chooses to fight for is up to her.

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Clarke thinks Skaikru’s chances of winning just dropped considerably now that Luna is in the mix. But Jaha says Luna isn’t the problem. Even if Octavia wins, he doesn’t believe the Grounders will accept Skaikru as the lone survivors. Kane reminds Jaha that the conclave is sacred, and like it or not, they’re all Grounders now.

Clarke tells Roan that they can’t let Luna win, but he’s convinced the time for alliances has passed. He’s fighting for Azgeda now. He tells Clarke that it may be hard for to accept that it’s over, but it is over. He thinks Clarke has made it clear she has no respect for their traditions, but this tradition isn’t about respect, it’s about blood. If his blood spills today, all hope is lost for his people, and he doesn’t care who winds up inside the bunker. Clarke says the difference between them is she wants humanity to survive, even if it isn’t her people.

Last Woman Standing

Kane and Bellamy serve as Octavia’s advisers. Bellamy suggests that Octavia stay out of sight and let the others thin out the competition. There’s no reason for her to go up against the strongest warrior of every clan. She was the girl under the floor. He advises her to use that, just like their mother taught them.

The horn blows, and the games begin. Octavia decides to take her brother’s advice and finds a place to hide where she can view the action. Roan takes out two warriors, one of which is Trikru which is bad news for Indra and Gaia.

Luna tracks down Octavia and promises that for Lincoln’s sake, she’ll make her death quick. Octavia wonders how Luna can even speak his name, telling her he would be so ashamed. Lincoln thought they were one clan, one people. Luna believes Lincoln was a fool. Luna points out that this conclave is how mankind has chosen to spend its final days. There may have been a time when Luna thought people were good and worth saving, but Skaikru taught her they’re cruel and violent and selfish to the core. Luna points out Octavia is killing for her own clan just like everybody else, so if Lincoln would be ashamed of anyone, it would be her.

The two begin to fight, but Octavia releases a stack of pipes, knocking Luna down and

giving her enough time to escape. Luna promises that Octavia can’t hide forever.

She’s right, because Octavia barely finds a new heading place when she encounters Ilian. He informs her that other clans are working together and making alliances. He suggests they do the same, but Octavia doesn’t want his help. Ilian swears he won’t hurt her, but Octavia tells him she’s not the girl he wants her to be. She promises the next time she sees Ilian, she’ll kill him.

Winners Never Cheat and Cheaters Never Win

Bellamy realizes Echo is gone and suspects she’s cheating. He’s determined to save his sister. Kane wants to let one of Gaia’s scouts find and punish her, but Bellamy reminds Kane that Echo is a spy, and they wont be able to catch her. If Bellamy gets caught on the battlefield, they’ll execute Octavia and all of their people will die. But with two fighters from Ice Nation working together, their odds are pretty bad anyway. Kane instructs Bellamy to wait until dark

Octavia finds herself surrounded, and Ilian comes to her rescue, evening out the odds. They take down three warriors, and Octavia collects their sigils. Octavia questions what happens if it just comes down to the two of them, one will have to die. She needn’t have worried because Ilian gets an arrow right through the neck thanks to Echo. Ilian’s still alive, but he can’t feel his legs. He asks Octavia to end is life. She tells him not to fear death because it’s just the beginning of the next journey (same line he told her in the previous episode) and finishes him off.

Darkness falls, and Bellamy hits the streets. He finds Echo just as she’s about to put an arrow in Octavia. He almost succeeds in strangling her, until Roan intervenes. Roan wasn’t aware that Echo was killing people on his behalf. Echo says nobody has to know, but Roan isn’t about to let Echo’s actions dishonor to give Luna an advantage. Roan exiles Echo from the Azgeda clan. He orders his out of sight and off of the battlefield.

Roan decides to let Bellamy off the hook. He figures it will be more fun to kill Octavia who happens to be hiding in the shadows nearby. Bellamy warns Roan that Octavia is tougher than he thinks. Roan promises that before he kills O, he’ll tell her she was lucky to have Bellamy as a brother. Bellamy replies that before his sister guts Roan, he can tell O that he was the lucky one.

As Bellamy sneaks back through the battlefield, somebody grabs him and knocks him out.

The Final Four

It’s down to four warriors: Luna, Roan, Octavia and some rando who is unlikely to survive the other three. Octavia has to step up, and she finds herself face to face with Roan. He’s still pissed she lied about the flame, but Octavia knows if she’d told him the truth, he’d have killed Indra’s daughter. He admits she’s right and puts away his sword. He proposes a truce. They have to get rid of Luna in order for humanity to survive. After that, may the best warrior win. Until then, they’re one clan.

They hear screaming and find Luna killing the rando fourth warrior. Now there are three. Luna warns Roan that the last time they fought, she was wounded. And he responds that the last time they fought, he wasn’t trying to kill her. Roan and Octavia attack, but Luna has some serious Matrix-like skills. After all, she’s a Nightblood and was trained for this.

Black rain begins to fall, and Luna has the advantage since she’s impervious to its effects. She drowns Roan in a nearby fountain, proclaiming “The King is dead.” Now it’s down to Octavia and Luna.

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And Then There Were Two

Octavia hides, but she’s injured, and Luna just has to follow the trail of blood. Luna recalls how she had to kill her own brother in the conclave. When she was standing across from him and knew only one of them could live, she wanted it to be her. So, she ran. She was afraid of what she is; she’s the darkness, they all are, and this is the end.

But Luna underestimates Octavia who is able to sneak up on Luna and kills her. Octavia tells the dying warrior that there are people worth saving, she’s just not one of them.

And Then There Were None

Octavia presents all of the sigils to Gaia who declares that the Crypt of the First Commander belongs to her people. Octavia announces she wasn’t fighting for Skaikru or herself, she was fighting for them all. Skaikru will not take the bunker alone, they will share it equal. They are one clan, and they will survive Praimfaya together.

Buzz kill Kane informs Octavia there won’t be enough room, but she informs him that today is unity day. Octavia looks around and notices Bellamy is missing.

Preparations are underway to get the bunker ready. Bellamy awakens and learns that Jaha and Clarke weren’t about to let the conclave determine who survives. If only one clan can survive, it might as well be Skaikru. So, while everyone else was distracted by the spectacle of the conclave, they took it by force. And it was all Clarke’s idea.

Kane, Gaia, Indra and Octavia arrive at the temple to discover the guards had been gassed. Indra declares that Skaikru betrayed them all.

Has Clarke gone too far? Will Bellamy save Octavia and Kane? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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