On this episode of The 100, “God Complex,” Abby and the others deal with a crushing blow, Clarke prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice, and Jaha finds new evidence that leads him and Kane in search of the Second Dawn.

Nobody on the island (with the exceptions of Emori and Murphy) feels good about experimenting on Baylis. But the killer “death” wave of radiation is due to hit in ten days. Luna’s stem cells grafted successfully, and Baylis is generating Nightblood on his own, so it’s now or never. Clark remains the most vocal supporter of turning the guy into a deep-fried Twinkie. Murphy reminds everyone that the black rain already killed 18 people in Arkadia, so if the Nightblood is going to help him survive the next storm, he’s ready to find out.

Epic Fail

Things start out promising with Baylis showing no ill-effects, but the experiment eventually goes south with Baylis being scorched, screaming in pain and vomiting up blood. He dies in the chamber. This is a huge bummer since the Nightblood was the only plan, and they tortured and killed a man for no good reason.

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From the Ashes

Back at Arkadia, the survivors of the black rain hold a memorial for the dead. Jasper remains footloose and fancy free, showing no concern about what lays ahead. He decides to ditch and go on a walkabout, and Bellamy, worried about his friend’s ambivalence about possibly dying at any time, decides to tag along.

Niyah performs her own little ritual, stating “From the earth we will grow. From the ashes we will rise.” Jaha overhears Niyah and asks where she heard that phrase. She tells him he’ll have to ask a Flamekeeper. All she knows is that’s what Grounders say to ready their dead for the fire.

Jaha goes to Kane. He’s now convinced that the bunker Clarke, Bellamy and himself found was a decoy, meant for members of the Second Dawn who hadn’t yet ascended to level 12. It was a way to prevent the real bunker from being overrun. Jaha believes there’s a reason “From the ashes we will rise” became a Grounders’ prayer. Just like a corporate logo became a sacred symbol.

Jaha’s theory is enough of a reason for Kane to decide to reach out to Indra to try and find out Gaia’s whereabouts. Jaha is eager to assemble a team, but Kane warns him Polis is a war zone, and they won’t be welcome. Jaha plans to travel light, and this mission calls for thinkers, not warriors.

First Survival Then Humanity

At the lab, Jackson figures out what may have caused their experiment to fail. They can try again, but they need another test subject. Luna isn’t down with going out to hunt for another Grounder, pointing out that even Baylis honored the dead by wearing the stones of his Rock Line ancestors. After putting the pieces together, Clarke realizes the man wasn’t Baylis after all and asks Emori who they just killed. Emori yells to Murphy to destroy the machine and tries to flee but is held by Roan.

The others lock up Emori and Murphy, but Raven isn’t okay with the prospect of putting Emori in the radiation chamber. Clarke doesn’t know what else to do, and Roan says they don’t have a choice. Raven believes there has to be another way to solve their problem that doesn’t make them murderers, but the only thing Abby knows for sure is if they do nothing, everyone dies.

Abby orders Jackson to prep Luna for another extraction, but she refuses. She won’t let her blood kill anymore innocent people. She’s set to go out into the black rain so nobody can follow, but Roan won’t allow her to leave. Luna questions if there’s any line they won’t cross in order to survive. Roan responds that survival requires sacrifice. If Emori dies saving the world, that’s a good death.

Luna is wounded from the bone marrow biopsy, and Roan doesn’t want to fight her, but she leaves him no choice. Luna isn’t much of a match, and Roan renders her unconscious. Raven is mortified that Abby plans to strap Luna down and forcibly take her marrow and equates Clarke and the others with the scientists at Mt. Weather.

Roan gives Clarke a pep talk. She’s filled with doubt about whether they’re doing the right thing. Roan says that certainty is a luxury leaders can’t afford. Clarke may not be a king, but she’s a born leader, and she doesn’t back down when things get hard. Roan is certain one day people will thank her for what she’s doing on the island. Clarke doesn’t think Murphy or Emori will, but Roan thinks they will if it works. Clarke worries what happens if it doesn’t, but then it’s kind of a moot point since they’ll all be dead.

The time comes to put Emori in the chamber, and Murphy begs Clarke not to do it. When that doesn’t change her mind, Murphy promises Clarke that if Emori dies, she’s next. Abby can’t bring herself to inject Emori with the Nightblood, leaving it up to Clarke to do her dirty work. But, instead, Clarke injects herself.

Abby refuses to let Clarke go in the chamber, telling her daughter she had a vision that Clarke would die, just like Raven’s vision of the rocket. Abby destroys the chamber, smashing it so until it’s useless.

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It’s the End of the World and Jasper Feels Fine

Bellamy and Jasper wander into the forest, and Bellamy grows tired of Jasper’s jokes about the end of the world. Jasper tells Bellamy he’s trying to help him. The clock has been ticking since they landed on Earth. They’re all living on borrowed time. Bellamy wonders if that’s what Jasper truly believes, why is he wasting it, but Jasper remains steadfast that he’s not, it’s Bellamy who is.

Bellamy keeps beating himself up about all the terrible things that he’s done, and even if he thought he had good reasons, in the end, nobody gives a damn about Bellamy’s reasons. No matter how much Bellamy punishes himself, it won’t bring anyone back. Jasper says they can spend their last days wallowing, or they can do whatever they want.

Bellamy and Jasper return to Arkadia, and everybody’s partying. Jasper’s brought back some “magic beans” (hallucinogenic nuts) to amp up the festivities. Bellamy makes a half-hearted effort to be a buzz kill, but peer pressure wins out.

The 12th Seal

Kane, Jaha and Monty arrive in Polis and discover the black rain fell there too, leaving a number of casualties. They are also greeted by a small army of Trikru led by Indra. Kane thanks her for meeting with him, but she punches him in the face. Indra’s not interested in pleasantries, she just wants to know why Kane is in Polis. As the ally of her enemy, he and Skaikru are now her enemies as well.

Kane tries to explain that Skaikru is still trying to save everyone, but all Indra sees is that they made a truce with Azgeda, seemingly leaving Trikru to fend for themselves. Kane emphasizes that they must all work together, and he needs to see Gaia since she could be the key to saving them all.

Luckily, Gaia is in Polis, and Indra takes the men to see her. Monty spots a tattoo on her shoulder, and it’s the same symbol on the seal that Jaha took from the bunker. According to Gaia and Indra, it’s the holy symbol of their order. Gaia reveals the symbol adorns the crypt of the first Commander, Becca Pramheda.

The crypt is located in a temple controlled by the Azgeda. Indra is ready to fight to get in, but Kane says they have the royal seal/medallion (given to them by Roan) and don’t have to, especially since Azgeda is Skaikru’s ally. Indra thinks Kane is foolish to assume Azgeda will honor the medallion. The closer they get to Praimfaya, the less alliances mean.

They arrive at the temple, Kane shows the medallion and they are given permission to pass. But Indra guns down all of the guards anyway. If there is a bunker, she’s determined Azgeda will never see the inside.

They head inside the temple, and Gaia shows them the symbol which is located beneath the alter. Jaha and Kane try to figure out how to open the crypt, and they don’t have much time with more Azgeda returning to the temple. Monty figures out that “From the ashes we will rise” isn’t just a motto, it’s instructions. They drop the seal into fire, and it becomes the 12th seal. They open the crypt and find a staircase. At the bottom, there’s another bunker.

Who will go into the bunker? Who will be left out? Is there still a chance Abby will find another solution? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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