We’ve made it to The 100’s Season 3 finale! So will Clarke defeat ALIE and take down the City of Light in “Perverse Instantiation – Part Two”?

Will the Flame Work On Clarke?

The 100 begins with Clarke attempting to revive Abby. She begs her to snap out of it and help her. Finally, Abby wakes up. But is it really her? It seems like it. She breaks down crying and apologizes to Clarke. Bellamy and the others barge in and Clarke explains that Abby’s back and Ontari is brain dead.

So what do they do now? Clarke wants an ascension ceremony. Instead of putting the Flame in Ontari’s head, though, they’ll put it in Clarke. She can be connected to a Nightblood, so it might work in her. Well, if they’re gonna do it, they have to do it fast. The converted people of Polis are scaling the building.

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Octavia, Pike and some others go out to fight while Abby starts a transfusion of Ontari’s blood to Clarke. That way, she’ll have Nightblood blood in her. Abby gives Murphy the Flame and they begin the ascension ceremony. Clarke goes into agonizing pain and her heart starts racing and she passes out, but then she wakes up and feels fine.

“I know how to stop ALIE. I have to take the chip. I have to go into the City of Light and find the kill switch,” Clarke says. “Yeah that’s a great idea,” Murphy replies. ALIE wants the Flame and everyone will know that Clarke’s in the City of Light, but Clarke says the Flame will protect her. Bellamy believes her and gives her the chip. She closes her eyes and wakes up in the City of Light.

Will Raven Find The Kill Switch In The Code?

Jasper continues to threaten Harper and tells Raven that she has basically no chance of finding the kill switch. While Jasper talks to Raven, Monty sneaks up and shoots him in the leg.

Raven quickly realizes that Clarke is in the City of Light and ALIE knows. They realize that because Clarke had merged with the AI, everyone was being updated. They need to find the kill switch in the code before it’s too late.

The Fight In The Real World

Bryan is seriously injured, so Nathan takes him away. This means Pike and Octavia have to work together, but can she do it? No. Octavia stabs Pike in the leg. Soon, two men climb through the windows and start beating Pike up. Bellamy finds out and saves Pike.

Soon more people, including Emori and Marcus, climb through the window. Octavia, Pike, and Bellamy escape and barricade the door while Bellamy tries to give Octavia a pep talk about not seeking revenge. Octavia then goes to get more for the barricade and Bellamy tells Pike he has to live with what he did while he was following Pike.

Marcus and the others get through the barricade and Octavia pretends that she’ll take the chip. Marcus tells her that Indra’s alive and is on the cross, but Pike and the others jump out and electrocute Kane and his people.

In the end, the fight makes its way to the room with Abby, Murphy and Clarke. They all fight while trying to protect Clarke and keeping her going so she can work to defeat ALIE.

Will Clarke Find The Kill Switch In The City Of Light?

So Clarke enters the City of Light and it seems like some man immediately starts following her, but he’s just waving to someone else. Clarke then sees Jasper happily eating an ice cream cone, but he just walks by her. Nobody can see her. The Flame really is protecting her. Clarke sees a woman with the City of Light’s symbol in her hair, so she follows her.

Things aren’t going so well in the real world. Ontari starts having convulsions and Clarke’s nose starts bleeding. Clarke falls and her nose starts bleeding in the City of Light too. She isn’t getting enough blood and her body is rejecting the Flame. Her brain will liquefy if Murphy and Abby don’t help her.

Soon, people start chasing Clarke and beating her up in the City of Light. Just then, Lexa shows up and saves Clarke! Yay Lexa’s back! It’s such a happy reunion. But it doesn’t last long; they need to run before the other people in the City of Light catch them.

Suddenly, it randomly turns to night. Lexa says that means ALIE knows she’s there. She has bigger problems, though. Her condition is getting worse and she starts convulsing. Abby opens up Ontari’s chest and starts pumping her heart so the transfusion continues.

Clarke wakes up in the City of Light and immediately kisses Lexa. But the upload has begun and the Flame has started using less protection, so they need to get a move on. Then Clarke notices that her father’s watch has magically started working and is counting down. They have ten minutes.

Clarke and Lexa hit a dead end when Jasper shows up and announces, “You’ll never get your kill switch.” Clarke tries to reason with Jasper and says they deserve free will, but Jasper says ALIE is protecting them from themselves. Just then, Jaha and everyone else, shows up and announces that the second AI can’t protect her anymore.

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Will Clarke Pull The Switch?

Suddenly, a magic door shows up. (Raven found it for her!) Clarke tells Lexa she loves her and Lexa says she’ll always be with her. Then Lexa goes to fight while Clarke climbs through the door. She’s back on Becca’s shuttle. “Commander, I’m glad you made it,” Becca says. She also informs Clarke that ALIE 2.0 has merged with her mind.

Becca takes Clarke to the kill switch, but ALIE shows up and tells Clarke that if she pulls it, she’ll kill everyone. It turns out, the nuclear power plants around the world have begun to melt down and in six months, 97 percent of the Earth’s surface will be uninhabitable. The City of Light is the only thing that can save them.

While everyone is fighting and protecting Clarke in the real world, ALIE and Becca have a whole philosophical debate as the kill switch’s clock runs down. ALIE tells Clarke that she doesn’t have to be so responsible or feel the pain of her actions in the City of Light. “You will be at peace. You will live forever,” she says. Clarke says that running from her pain doesn’t work. ALIE says that everyone in the City of Light would choose to stay. So, Clarke tells ALIE to give the people a real choice, but she can’t. “You don’t ease pain. You overcome it. And we will,” Clarke says as she pulls the switch. She says they’ll figure out a way to save the Earth.

What Next?

Suddenly, everyone who was fighting in the real world wakes up and the people in the City of Light start to feel their pain again. They’re all in shock over what happened and what they’d done. Then Clarke wakes up and they remove the Flame. Even Murphy and Emori and Abby and Marcus are reunited. Back at camp, Jasper reveals that Clarke succeeded, so Monty unties him. Jasper seems absolutely devastated though.

With the fight over, Octavia is finally free to get her revenge. She stabs and kills Pike and just walks out. But honestly, everyone has a bigger problem on their hands right now, what with those nuclear plants melting down.

The 100 airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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