When we last left The 100, Clarke had killed Finn, so he wouldn’t have to face the Grounders’ fate. It was absolutely devastating. So, in The 100’s “Remember Me,” we’ll see the aftermath of that. Plus, they’ll still have to fight the Mountain Men and find Jasper, Monty and the others before they all die for their bone marrow.

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Clarke’s Guilt

Clarke’s in shock immediately following Finn’s death. She starts freaking out and obsessively scrubbing the blood on her hand as she cries. Abby comes to calm down and Clarke tells her she had to do it. 

Clarke’s clearly having a hard time with all this. She hallucinates Finn opening his eyes and staring at her in judgment. And she keeps seeing him everywhere throughout “Remember Me.” 

Can the Alliance Work?

At least the Commander wants to talk. “Blood has answered blood,” she says. Others said that they should suffer more, but Clarke’s going to suffer for what she’s done. They also demand the body. Kane and Abby don’t want to, but Clarke says yes. Finally, they can work together to fight Mount Weather. 

Clarke decides she has to be the one to go with them because if the ruse doesn’t hold, she killed the Grounders for nothing. Abby’s not convinced. The Grounder’s a child. “They’re being led by a child,” she says. “So are we,” Kane says. Good point.

Raven is furious with Clarke and she demands that she comes with them to deliver the body for the ritual. And she’ll bring the radio to work on it, but she’s not happy. At least Bellamy says Clarke did the right thing, but he thinks the truce is a waste of time. He thinks they need someone on the inside. He wants to break in, but she says no. He says he needs a better reason than that, and she says she can’t lose him too. The Grounders are equally uneasy about the alliance. It could kill the Commander.

Clarke does her best to show the alliance is a good idea by sleeping in the middle of their camp rather than on different sides. They finally make it to the village, but they need to disarm first. Raven is not happy about it. And the villagers are not happy that Clarke and the others are with them. But the Commander has one of them beat up. Clarke tells her to stop it because they’ll get blamed for that too. The Commander says that anyone who tries to stop the alliance will pay with their life. “Warm welcome,” Bellamy says.

They perform their ritual with Finn’s body, setting it and the others on fire. But the Commander has Clarke do it and she imagines Finn helping her. “Your fight is over,” she says in their language. 

Later, the Commander tells Clarke about someone she lost too and she tells her that she got over the pain by recognizing it as a weakness. Love is a weakness. “I could never do that,” Clarke says. “Then you put the people you care about in danger and the pain will never go away. The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry,” she replies.

Nothing Ever Works Out

Finally, they all meet. Kane even brought a gift. They’re all going to drink. Clarke and the Commander go first, though someone tastes the Commander’s for her first. They’re going to make peace tonight, and tomorrow they’re going to plan their war. But then, the taster gets sick. Clarke swears they didn’t do it, but the Commander doesn’t believe her. They find the poison on Raven, but she swears it wasn’t hers. The Commander’s furious. Lincoln begs to speak for them, but Indra says he’s one of them now.

Clarke asks Raven if she really did it, but Raven punches her and calls her a murderer. Clarke sees Finn again and starts talking to him. Things are going downhill fast here.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Abby tells her she knows how she feels, but the pain will fade. She got through it by loving Clarke. Clarke was not happy that she was talking about her dad. It wasn’t the same thing. Abby says that she was protecting people too, like her. “We are the same,” Clarke says.

Who Planted the Poison?

They all try to figure out who would poison the Commander and who would want her to die. Just then, the Grounders come in and take Raven. Indra says that once Raven dies, the alliance dies, and they should run.

They torture Raven and the Commander says that justice will be done, but she swears she didn’t do it. Lincoln can’t even stop it. He’s not safe here anymore. Abby keeps saying that they have to leave, but Clarke is busy. 

She finally realizes that one of the Grounders tried to kill the Commander. She takes the bottle and drinks from it to prove it. The poison wasn’t in the bottle. It was in the cup. It was the taster. He wanted to end the alliance. He admits it because the alliance could end up killing her. Now, he has to die for it. Watching them torture that guy, Raven realizes that’s what would have happened to Finn. The Commander’s the one to kill him, but it affects her more than she’d like. “We’re not so different. Are we?” Abby says.

What Will Happen to Jaha?

Kane talks to Abby about Jaha and says that he can’t be locked up forever. He suggests a pardon. Then he tells her that Clarke’s a survivor and she shouldn’t worry about her so much.

Can Lincoln Make it Back to Who He Was?

The Grounders are not a fan of Lincoln anymore and have been calling him a traitor because they think the Reaper is still inside him. Octavia asks him to talk about it, but he can’t. She tells him he’s not a monster, but he’s not so sure. He has to face this.

The Mountain Men Catch On

The Mountain Men have caught on to the alliance, but they decide to turn them against each other so they’ll kill each other. Nothing can stop them from getting to the ground, but they realize they need more people on the ground since they found out that they all went to the village together.

Monty’s Plan

Jasper and Maya go to talk to the others. None of them have been able to find Harper. And they all start to question Maya. At least Monty found something. There’s a way they can contact their people. It won’t be easy though.

So, with Maya’s help they all start sneaking around and find the communication lines. They just have to break through a wall without anyone noticing. Maya gets nervous and Miller gets pissed. She asks for five seconds and an alarm goes off. She’d set it up so that people wouldn’t hear them, and they break through.

Monty gets through, and he hears a familiar sound. He realizes it was a jamming signal and that they crashed the Exodus ship, but he has a plan. They almost get caught, but Jasper distracts the guard by kissing Maya.

Later, Monty’s missing. He disguised himself and made it to the control room. This is way too dangerous. He deactivates the jamming signal! But he gets caught when he tries to get out of the room because his disguise doesn’t work, and the guard suffocates him. At the end of the episode, he finds himself in a cage. Harper’s there too and she tells him that there’s a cage for each of them. This cannot be good. The alliance needs to hurry up!

Clarke’s Change of Heart

At least Monty’s plan works. Later, Raven shows everyone the radio message. But Clarke realizes Bellamy was right: they need an inside man, and it has to be him. Lincoln wants to help and face what he’s done. Octavia wants to come, but she needs to stay for the sake of the alliance. 

Clarke then sees Finn one last time. “Love is weakness, she says,” and he walks away. Abby comes up to her and gives her ashes from the fire to help her say goodbye, but she already said goodbye. Then she goes to plan with the Commander. What will this new Clarke be like?

The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm on the CW.

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