In the winter premiere of Teen Wolf season 5, “The Last Chimera,” Stiles and Scott must work together to save the Sheriff, Liam learns that Hayden is alive and Theo warns Stiles that the worst is yet to come.

We last saw Lydia laying in the woods after having her thoughts/memories hijacked by Theo. He reincarnated the failed Chimeras and took his little mutant pack off to presumably wreak havoc. Now we’re back to the future where Lydia’s at Eichen House, now being questioned by Dr. Valack. He’s convinced that Theo is the key to finding out everything he needs to know about the Dread Doctors’ endgame and how to stop them.

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The First Chimera

Theo was the first Chimera and, as it turns out, killed his sister so the creepy scientists could harvest her heart to put into him. Valack wants to know why the Dread Doctors chose a homicidal 10-year-old boy willing to murder his own sister. Valack needs to know Theo’s backstory because Theo was the first step in the right direction for the creepy scientists. Even more important, there’s a reason Theo was still considered a failure, a reason why the Dread Doctors changed their methods and a reason why they finally succeeded.

As They Lay Dying

Another time jump back to the present, or where the summer finale ended. It’s the night of the Super Moon, and Sheriff Stilinski is dying, presumably having been gutted by Theo.

Scott is recovering from the beating he took from Liam and appears to be suffering some lingering effects from being dead for 15 minutes.

Parrish is back among the land of the living, but his exit from the police station and subsequent disappearance has raised some questions. He has another erotically charged dream about Lydia, during which she tells him he’s a harbinger of death, and he comes to while driving his car.

Parrish, due to his inconvenient blackouts, isn’t up-to-date on all of the recent developments, but there is one thing he knows for certain: Lydia is missing, and he needs to locate her.

Parrish finds Lydia catatonic and hypothermic in the woods and brings her to Scott’s house, where he finds the Alpha passed out in the hallway.

Parrish needs Scott’s help because Lydia scratched a sheriff’s badge into a nearby rock with her fingernail, and this can mean only one thing coming from a banshee: a warning.

Parrish and Scott rush her to the hospital, where Scott sneaks off and steps off the elevator to hear Stiles going postal over his dad’s deteriorating condition. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong, and Stiles is apoplectic.

Stiles spots a disoriented Scott in the hallway and attacks him in a fit of rage. Stiles blames his bestie for his dad’s current predicament. Scott trusted Theo, against Stiles’ multiple warnings. Scott cannot catch a break in this episode for dropping the ball where his pack is concerned.

Scott informs Stiles that his dad isn’t the only one who was hurt, and Stiles goes to Lydia’s hospital room, where she remains spaced-out. Lydia’s mom sees Stiles in the doorway and refuses to let him in, even after he tells her that he thinks he knows who’s responsible for Lydia’s condition. If he could just get a peek at the back of her neck…

Nope. Not happening. Mom has had it with Lydia’s weirdo friends and, screaming like a Banshee herself, kicks a concerned Stiles to the curb. Doesn’t feel so good when it happens to you, does it, Stiles?

Lydia’s mom does look at the back of Lydia’s neck and is horrified to see the wounds from Theo.

Liam Catches Wind of Hayden

Liam is skulking outside the police station. He sees Hayden’s sister rush out and get into her patrol car, but is startled by the appearance of Mason. Liam came to tell Hayden’s sister about her death, but Mason warns that that may not be the best idea, especially given Liam’s appearance. He did just get into a serious scrap with his Alpha.

Mason is a true-blue friend because even though Liam has gone off the rails, he’s looking out for the Beta. All of a sudden, Liam perks up. He’s caught a scent, and it’s Hayden’s. Mason reminds Liam that Hayden sleeps with the fishes, but we catch a glimpse of her reflection in a car window.

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Stiles Confronts Theo

Melissa, Parrish, Scott and Stiles take a moment to regroup and figure out a game plan. They have a partial picture of the hijinks that Theo has been up to, but they are in for an unpleasant surprise when they get the rest of the story.

Stiles doesn’t believe that Theo wants the Sheriff dead. If he did, Theo wouldn’t have told Stiles where to find him. Stiles believes Theo can save his dad and is determined to go talk to him.

Stiles and Theo have a little chat, and Stiles keeps up the ruse that Scott is dead. Of course, Scott is skulking nearby. Stiles questions why his dad’s body is shutting down due to some kind of poison.

Theo doesn’t offer any answers, just something resembling an explanation for his incredibly shady behavior. Theo swears he’s not a bad guy; he’s a survivor. He knows what’s coming, what the Dread Doctors created and what Parrish is. He got this last bit of intel from Lydia’s memories. Theo isn’t exactly heartbroken to learn that he’s driven Lydia out of her mind. She’s just collateral damage. But if she’s right about Parrish, things are about to get a whole lot worse in Beacon Hills.

Stiles is less concerned with the big picture than saving his dad, but Theo says Stiles better start caring because if the Sheriff does survive, he’ll be unemployed soon anyway. Stiles demands to know what is happening to his dad, but when he goes to grab Theo, he pushes Stiles and he hits his head and goes unconscious.

Another Chimera

When Stiles comes to, he and Scott dissect every detail of the conversation. Scott says Theo’s heart did jump once, when Stiles mentioned his dad had been poisoned. The two figure out that Theo wasn’t the one who attacked the Sheriff; it must have been another Chimera.

Stiles and Scott are still working through their issues, and Stiles doesn’t seem quite ready to forgive and forget. He’s still hurt and angry, and seems determined to go after the Chimera in question on his own. But nobody can resist Scott when he looks like a puppy who has been swatted on the nose with a newspaper. He reminds his bestie of everything they’ve been through, and even though their relationship is not in the best place, the only thing that matters is saving Stiles’ dad.

Scott and Stiles determine that the best way to find the Chimera is to look for any teens who have recently gone missing. They hit pay dirt. A sophomore named Noah disappeared the night before. Scott also calls in Malia for back-up. She did battle with Noah, so she knows what he looks like.

Lydia is Committed and Liam Searches for the Nemeton

Lydia’s mother has her daughter admitted to Eichen House, believing it’s the only place her daughter will be safe. Parrish tries to talk Natalie out of it, but when that fails, he swears he’ll get Lydia out — if he has to break through the walls to do it.

As if there’s not enough going on, Liam and Mason are on a mission. Liam has his doubts about Hayden and wants to locate the Nemeton. He’s also suffering from a bit of PTSD due to his violent meltdown.

The particulars aren’t important, but after a trip to the library, and Liam using his wolf vision, the two find what they are looking for. And while there are still some Chimeras lounging around the supernatural beacon, Hayden isn’t one of them.

Before they can do anything, the cops pull up, and it’s Hayden who led them there.

Two Packs, No Waiting

Stiles, Scott and Malia track Noah to some tunnels, where Stiles sustains yet another head injury — his third in less than 24 hours. Malia’s all over Noah, but the kid is petrified. He’s running from his creators, and they’ve found him.

Stiles wants answers, but Noah can’t remember anything he does when he hulks out. With the Dread Doctors breathing down their necks, Scott urges Stiles to take Noah and run. Malia and Scott stay behind to slow the docs down. It doesn’t look like Scott’s back to full strength because he’s still bleeding from at least one wound in his chest. Even at full power, the Dread Doctors were able to kick his ass.

Good thing Scott called in Chris Argent, who emerges guns blazing. Stiles and Noah hit a roadblock, but Noah’s able to access his Chimera side to break them out. When he does, Stile sees what is killing his dad, a bone fragment left inside his body from the attack. It turns out Noah is a Berserker-Jaguar hybrid. Stiles calls Melissa, and the sheriff goes back into surgery and is saved at zero hour.

Just in case that’s not enough action for you, Hayden and Theo stroll the tunnels in the aftermath of the Dread Doctors’ aborted showdown with Scott and find mercury. So Noah’s another failed experiment. More interestingly, the two see a symbol of an Alpha and his pack, Scott’s to be exact. A promise to reunite the old gang. So much for Scott being dead.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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