Hell’s Kitchen lost Bret due to a medical condition and Adam due to bad cooking in the previous episode, leaving the men two down. Can the men come back and win the challenges in this episode of Hell’s Kitchen? They think so. The ladies may think they’re on a hot streak, but they may fall again. It’s going to be interesting to see how the chefs do as this season of Hell’s Kitchen ticks down to the final two.

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The Dorms and Team Challenge

In the dorms, the guys are down to four and the ladies are down to five. Nick is so happy that Bret is gone. T thinks his impressions are funny, but, of course, she can be the queen of mean. Nick thinks he can relate to T. I wonder if that will carry through to the kitchens?

The chefs today are greeted by alligators, spiders, rats and snakes in the restaurant. Meghan isn’t happy and shows it. Gordon Ramsay points out that in many countries, these are delicacies. He seems to have lost a snake, which sends the chefs into a panic. There’s a fake snake and the chefs react in fear. Funny! Ramsay tells them they need to move that fast during service.

As the reptiles leave, silver domes are delivered with delicious, exotic protein. The Blue Team and Red Team members must grab a protein to cook. The first person to grab the protein gets it. The proteins are ostrich, alligator, wild boar and elk. Since Michelle didn’t win a protein, she chooses alligator.

As the chefs work with the wonders of Ramsay’s kitchen, the Blue Team is worried about the ostrich burger from Randy. They feel that’s all he knows how to cook. Michelle has no clue how to cook alligator. The dishes come up and look fairly good. The ladies must decide which alligator dish will go up and they’re tasting everything. T’s dish is the one to be presented for judging.

The special guest judges are Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, who own the restaurant Animal. The elk is first and puts the ladies ahead thanks to Alison. See, Nick? You are not that good. The winning for the ladies continues as Meghan beats Josh, and T wins the alligator dish. It comes down to the ostrich burger, and Christine thinks she has the win because the judges hate the presentation that Randy used. Surprise, Christine! They love the taste. The Blue Team wins by one point.

Ramsay asks to taste Michelle’s dish. The guest judges tell the chefs that her dish would have won it for the Red Team and would be the best dish of the day. T isn’t a happy camper. The Blue Team will be pampered at an ultra-hip spa. The ladies will be doing a major deep cleaning and Ramsay wants elbow grease. They must clean the kitchens and will have a delicious protein shake.

Back upstairs, T is mad about her score. The men are at the spa enjoying a massage. While the men relax, the ladies clean and get their protein drink. The shakes are made of the proteins used in the challenge, with one being a true milkshake. Michelle gets the milkshake. The rest try to choke their protein shakes down, only to have various reactions (mostly getting sick).

Evaluation Time

The phone rings in the dorms and Ramsay wants to see everyone in the dining room immediately. As the teams rush downstairs, everyone is wondering why. Ramsay is a little upset when Nick and Josh show up in their spa robes. Ramsay tells them he will meet one-on-one with them on their individual performance. He tells Nick and Josh to change and he will call them in for their evaluations.

Ramsay meets with T first and tells her that she needs to be more focused. Ramsay wonders if Randy can lead a kitchen. Michelle finds out from Ramsay that she hasn’t been heard in the kitchen. Nick seems too reserved. Meghan is playing it safe. Christine has had a bumpy journey and needs to be aggressive. Ramsay sees Milly as passionate and wants him to be more of a leader. Alison needs to connect more with her team. Josh is last and is freaking out. Ramsay implies that he won’t talk to him but then tells him that he is either very good or very bad. Ramsay has asked the chefs to rank their team. This could be interesting. Let’s see how Ramsay uses it.

Gordon Ramsay’s Announcement

Ramsay tells the chefs that some do not have the support of their team. The lowest ranking chef in the Red Team and the lowest in the Blue will compete against each other in a challenge, with the loser going home. The Red Team feels the weakest chef was Christine. The Blue Team has chosen Randy. Randy is now out to prove himself.

Ramsay gives the two chefs 30 minutes to make three dishes from the menu. They must make lobster risotto, halibut and bread pudding. While the Blue Team encourages Randy, the Red Team isn’t talking as much. Christine is up first and has some problems with all her dishes. Randy’s dishes seem to be prepared well. Wait! Randy messed up the halibut plating. Ramsay finds fault with both, and now he tells Christine that she is leaving Hell’s Kitchen.

Next Time on Hell’s Kitchen

With four chefs on each team, they must up their game. Will the men’s ego get in the way of their cooking? Will Hell’s Kitchen succeed in a special night for a high school? Will someone on the Red Team try to sabotage her group? It’s going to be hot in the kitchens next time!

Hell’s Kitchen airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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