I don’t remember who exactly said it, but it couldn’t have been said any better: “the plot thickens.”

All of a sudden we’re all preoccupied with this cross-tribe alliance on Survivor: Tocantins—it was, for the most part, impossible until Exile Island came to the equation.  And with Taj discovering the other immunity idol last week, it felt for a moment that Brendan’s plan is falling into place, which means there’s always a downside to everything.  Stephen may be right with having a third plan, and Sierra may be wrong with being proud of the inclusion (which she definitely didn’t expect), but there must always be a catch, right?

Like Tyson, for instance, who is probably the only person who’s got an idea.  Well, the folks at Timbira did discuss it later, but I think it got quickly brushed off, and only the biker has an inkling of the real deal.  Poor Jalapao people, I don’t know if they’ll even wrap their fingers around what Taj and Stephen are up to.

To make things worse, the game itself will start to intervene with the entire thing.  On tonight’s Survivor: Tocantins, a fake immunity idol comes into play.  From the sounds of it, things will definitely get shaken up.  I envision a quiet yet frenzied search for a red herring—some will probably get away with the real thing, and some will just be too engrossed to realize that the game is playing them.

Also tonight, Timbira’s problems finally come full circle.  They’re running out of supplies—Charmin Café, anyone?—and someone will piss the hell out of everyone.  You might want to imply that it’s Coach, which is why the title says just that, but I’m somehow bent on thinking it’s someone else.  And, it could be the alliance unraveling at the wrong time.   There’ll be some serious reassessment going on tonight from 8pm on CBS.

Who will follow Spencer home? Who knows?

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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