If the promo videos are any indication, the drama has only just begun on America’s Next Top Model. Tonight the drama will continue to escalate and the Top Model house will be divided between Team Tahlia and Team Celia. As the models take sides, watch along with me to see who survives to fight another day and who will be consumed by the drama.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 6 Live Thoughts

Previously on America’s Next Top Model: drama, drama, drama! “Celia shocked the panel with her own take on judging.”

Really ANTM? I don’t think it was “her own take on judging,” though I do see how it challenged the Word that is Tyra. I still think it was bad timing on Celia’s behalf, but based on previous cycles, I still see why Celia thought Tyra should know about Tahlia’s comments.

Choose your sides now guys, Team Tahlia (and Tyra) or Team Celia…because there’s about to be a battle!

Tahlia starts the episode out by saying she’s really hurt and that Celia threw her under the bus. Celia states again, that Kortnie wanted to be America’s Next Top Model so badly, and Tahlia didn’t. She also says she doesn’t regret what she did at panel at all. At least Celia stands by her convictions, I would have been really annoyed if she’d said she regretted it.

Oh no! Sandra is going to get into the drama. She tells Tahlia and some of the other girls that she’d heard them talking earlier about Tahlia wanting to go home. Sandra, also says that she thinks Celia should be worried about going home, which in Top Model speak and editing usually means that Sandra should be worried about going home.

Tahlia says she’s ready to explode, and Aminat is encouraging that. In fact, when Tahlia says she’s not going to confront Celia, Aminat asks if she can start the drama. However, it’s Teyona who actually lobs the first bomb in the battle. And it’s on! The great Top Model brawl. It’s a war of words and Aminat is using words like conspire….though I guess there was so conspiring going on in the bedroom. So touche, Aminat!

Allison says the whole business reminds her of high school. Me too Allison, me too. Celia and Tahlia are just standing on the stairs and saying nothing. Isn’t this supposed to be their fight? Funny how that happens. And now Tahlia is giving a speech from the stairway and Allison says she it’s too much like Soup for the Teenage Soul. I am so glad Allison’s quirky sense of humor is coming out.  Natalie claps and cheers sarcastically to Tahlia’s speech. Wow, the claws are out. Way out. Meow!

Now Aminat is yelling at Natalie, who said she agreed with Celia bringing up Tahlia’s comments at judges panel. Diva battle! But c’mon Aminat, come up with a better line than spelling out S-T-U-P-I-D. I know there’s more in you girl! You’re filled with the one liners, come on! Instead Tahlia ends it all with a classic ANTM liner, “You’ve all put a new meaning to bitches and backstabbers.”

Tyra Mail: “Cut it out, I don’t want to see any more blank faces.” Aminat thinks this means they’ll be acting, but we know this means they’ll be posing behind cut outs of Tyra.

Mister Jay meets the girls at a warehouse and is surrounded by mannequins. He tells the girls the term “just a clothes hanger” will be the death of them and hmmm…in a way, I thought that was the point of being a good model: letting the clothes speak the loudest. Apparently, I was wrong.

Mister Jay has a friend with him Beth Stern (wife of Howard Stern) to coach the girls on making good face. Allison is talking about how her eyes are her biggest asset and downfall. She’s like “yes, I have big eyes on my face, they are not going away.” I love you Allison. When Celia is told to give mysterious, she does a great job. Fo does great with her faces and Beth tells her took “work it Mama.” When Sandra is told to give good face, she fails, which I take sick joy in.

Sandra says she wants to make it the whole way and that she deserves to be there till the very end…as we know, in Top Model editing, deadlier words do no exist. And few things have made me happier today than to think of Sandra leaving!

Mister Jay voice over: to become a true icon you have to learn to give all types of expressions, so here’s your test. Out come the GIGANTIC Tyra cut-outs. Ahaha, I love how Tyra-centric this show is getting, it’s ridiculous. Up first is Celia looking fierce in a well-tailored suit. Celia says based on panel she thinks she’s going home, we sincerely hope she is wrong. unfortunately Celia seems more concerned with her body and not her face.

Fo also fails, so does Teyona and Mister Jay and Beth are just laughing.

Sandra looks like a dead fish in her expression both times. Mister Jay says Sandra is falling out of the competition. Aminat looks crazy trying to make a Tyra face. Allison just looks confused, and Beth says she wasn’t getting anything out of her.

Natalie is the first girl who succeeds with the posing challenge. No surprise here, so does London, who is the season’s best natural poser, in my book. Tahlia comes in with all the confidence in the world, but it doesn’t show in her face, which just looks timid and confused.

Natalie wins the challenge, which bodes well for her as an all around model, because she also won the runway challenge. For winning she get’s 50 more frames than the rest of the girls in her next photo shoot…not that Natalie needs that.

Tyra mail is awaiting the girls. “You’re all looking a little pale, I think you need some color.” Instead of thinking they’re getting a fake tan session, the girls actually realize it might have to do with body painting and paint. Good job girls, you’re getting slightly better at this guessing game!

Tahlia comes and sits next to Celia, and we know the two are finally going to talk and not fight. At least I hope not. Tahlia tells Celia she felt humiliated and Celia says she’s sorry, it wasn’t meant to hurt Tahlia, but she felt Tyra needed to know. Celia also says she is 100% sure that she is going to be sent home. God, I hope not. Celia says if she’s sent home, all she wants to know is that everyone left wants it 100%, just like she does.

The girls arrive at the set and are greeted by Mister Jay. I love Mister Jay, I have since he was a lowly make-up artist during the first cycle, asking shy Christian girl Shannon Stewart about masturbating.

For the photo shoot the girls have pain splashed all over their face and they’ll be posing for beauty (see: face) shots. The challenge is for the girls to emote the feeling of the color sprayed on their face.

Allison is hot pink, which she says makes her feel girly. Mister Jay says Allison needs to learn how to give genuine emotion.

Aminat is green, which means obviously she’s going for envy, scratch that, she’s going for earthy. Unfortunately Aminat has one pose with her arm over her head, didn’t these girls learn from Dani Evans disastrous armpit photo?

Tahlia is purple and she is confident she’s going to kill it. What emotion is purple? Seems like Tahlia is going for wistful, though she says she’s going for adoring. Mister Jay thinks she needs to stop doing sexy, sensual photos…and I agree.

Teyona has bright yellow and it’s all posing with fake smiles. Ouch, no wonder Teyona does the Dionne snarl, she is a horrible strange smiler.

Fo is red and she’s look fabulous. Mister Jay is going nuts for her. Fo did angry in a model way. Tyra is going to go nuts and give her “model ugly” lecture.

London is metallic blue. Wow, what emotion is metallic blue? Whatever the judges are looking for I am sure London can do it. She knows her face better than any of the other models.

Next is Natalie and she’s orange, and since she’s the winner, she has 50 extra frames. Mister Jay thinks orange is throbbing passion, which seems strange me. But the question is will she deliver? Mister Jay thinks that Natalie needed the extra frames, color me shocked!

Sandra is emoting white. And the photographer ruins her by saying, “pose straight on.” Ahaha, whoever you are photographer, I love you. Sandra says she’s going for angelic, but she still looked Sandra-evil. After her photo shoot she says that she is confident she’ll win again. Oh the editors are laying on the kiss of death phrases for Sandra tonight–and for once, I am glad they are.

Celia is gray, she is serving some crazy poses and looking gorgeous. Mister Jay is full of praise for Celia, he says it’s the best she’s done with facial expressions all week. Thanks to her strong performance, Celia says she is now confident she’ll remain in the competition. Uh-oh, those words make me nervous.

Celia is dressing herself for judging and she’s still worried about going home. She says if she’s going to leave, she wants to leave twirling. God, I love Celia. That quote should be on your gravestone Celia, think it over.

And now it’s time for judges panel:

Is anyone wondering if we’ll be able to see any of Miss J’s face by the end of the cycle? The bow tie is already ridiculous and huge.

The guest judge is the photographer, Keith Manners.

Aminat is up first and her photo is insanely beautiful. Finally she has learned to work her face, which is even more impressive because it’s a close up.

Natalie’s photo is really pretty, but it doesn’t embody anything, especially orange. The judges talk about her needing to find her angles.

Just as I thought, Tahlia’s photo is gorgeous. Tyra critiques her on her bad soccer mom hair. Nigel asks Tahlia about last week’s judging. She says she was humiliated, but admits that she has had doubts about being at the competition. Nigel says now is the time for Tahlia to stand up and impress the judges.

Of course for the drama, the judges call Celia. Tyra thinks Celia really embodies gray, that it’s practical and strong. The photographer said he loved working with Celia and it was fun.

Teyona doesn’t look like Teyona in her photo, which I can’t decide is good or bad. Unsurprisingly,  they didn’t choose one of her smiling photos. Tyra shouts out President Obama and says he hopes he puts this photo of hope and change in the White House. And I would like unicorns to roam free Tyra, it is not going to happen.

London’s photo is stern and at a half profile. Paulina says it’s the same look as last week and the judges aren’t pleased.

Allison’s photo is both interesting and beautiful. The photographer says that he was bored with Allison, because she has no range. Nigel agrees. Thing is, her no range is so much more interesting and fabulous than most girls with lots of range. She has a unique look, it’s not for everyone, and that is still what is going to make her a star.

Sandra is up next and she is 100% confident she got this week’s winning phot. Sandra’s photo is a straight on shot, and it is hideous. Really hideous. Nigel says it’s not fashion or beauty. Tyra says she didn’t want to choose a face forward shot, but she had to, because all they’ve seen are profile photos. Tyra says there were beautiful photos, but they were all profile shots. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sandra has one pose, a profile shot, and while it’s strong, it’s not strong enough.

Fo is doing the perfect arched eyebrow and it is fierce. The judges are going crazy for Fo, and Tyra is talking in a strange voice and in rhyme. Oh Tyra. Thanks for bringing the crazy and fun tonight. At least it hasn’t been a total downer of an episode.

It’s time for the judges deliberation:

The judges love the Aminat’s photo. They are going crazy for it…and I kind of am too.

Paulina doesn’t like the way Natalie’s face photographs. Tyra agrees, she says the photo changes the entire way she feels about Natalie. Wow, that’s pretty surprising, I definitely thought Natalie would make it far in the competition, but maybe not.

As for Tahlia’s violet photo, Nigel says it’s “the best beauty shot of the bunch, because of the eye contact.” Tyra over-states this by saying,  “Tahlia’s picture is like the Mona Lisa.”

Next up is Celia’s stunning gray photo. Paulina says that Celia has the best style in the history of the competition, but that she doesn’t like a tattle tale. Nigel says he doesn’t even want to look at Celia after last week. Ouch.

The judges continue to go nuts over Teyona’s photo. “This is what you call photogenic.” I would have never guessed they would go crazy for this shot.

Nigel says that Allison is “the most extraordinary looking girl,” but that he wants to see more from her. Tyra agrees, but is in love with Allison’s photo.  I told you, Allison is going to be the girl who can do no wrong…like Cycle 9’s Heather.

Sandra’s critique is all about the profile shot. Nigel says he thought Sandra would go all the way, but now he is not so sure. At least I wasn’t the only one who was tricked by Sandra’s promo photos…she was my pre-cycle favorite to take it all.

The photographer loved shooting Fo. Tyra loves that Fo is “Mamma’s pupil, she is smiling with her eyes.” As always, Tyra manages to bring it back to herself.

This week’s winner is: Fo! Yay! The freckled one has won a challenge. I know this is going to make some of you Fo fans very very happy. The runner up is Teyona, which shocks me. I am going to have to take a long hard look at that photo, because at a glance, I don’t get it. Then it’s: Tahlia, Aminat, Allison, Natalie, and lastly, London.

OH NO! The bottom two is Celia and Sandra. If Celia goes home over Sandra, I am breaking up with this show. Breaking up and not even going around for a litte break-up check in. I will divorce you ANTM, please don’t make me do that.

Tyra says Sandra is lovely girl, who takes beautiful pictures, but they are only profile shots. She wonders if Sandra is a one shot model. And I just may be screaming “yes” at the TV.

As for Celia, Tyra compliments on her personal style and than tears her a new one for last week’s judges panel. She says it was:”one of the most non-beautiful things they have ever seen in the history of ANTM. Girls have quit but at their own will, but you threw somebody under the bus.”

So who stays?

(holding my breath, holding my breath)

“Celia. Hopefully you learned your lesson.”

Hooray! Hooray! Tyra lectures Celia on last week’s judges panel. I wish I could tell you about the lecture, but I am too busy doing my happy dance. It’s a doubly happy dance: not only is Celia safe, but Sandra is gone.

Sandra looks angry, but then again, she always looks angry, so who knows how she’s really feeling. Tyra tells Sandra to work on her poses, but all I am wondering is if anyone will hug Sandra good-bye. All the girls do, but they are limp unloving hugs… or like the person you are hugging hasn’t showered in a while.

Sandra says she’s pissed off and mad. She says she’s still the best and they are crazy for sending her home. Ahaha, Sandra, says she has personality…like it’s a good thing, or like she has a pleasant personality. She says she’ll keep modeling, but good luck booking a job after all of America has seen your evil side. Which, of course, is in profile.

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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