Dance Moms is in Los Angeles, but so far things haven’t looked good for the team. The street dance-off only got a win for the team against Cathy and her Candy Apples. We need a scorecard to keep up with the villains at this Nationals, folks! So bring on the drama that always brews on Dance Moms in the season 4 finale.


Rehearsals are the key to winning. “AMBER Alert” should be haunting, but Abby doesn’t see that. The Select Team’s “Hollywood Stars” must be flawless otherwise they’re history. Abby offers the soloists encouragement, but it’s the usual comparison to Maddie. You need to be the same. Abby offers Maddie a solo while Melissa encourages the soloists. Melissa is going against Abby, but Abby isn’t listening.

Warm-Ups and Dance Moms Drama

While Abby sees the Elite Team as more focused, she wants the Select Team to work for a spot at the LA Studio. When did the show become a competition for the studio? As the girls practice, “AMBER Alert” is having problems with MacKenzie, Nia and the chair. It’s not going to leave the judges speechless and the audience stunned in its present state. “Hollywood Stars” is supposed to be elegant and beautiful, but it’s lacking in Abby’s eyes. I guess Abby doesn’t know that you hold a little back for the performance.

The Candy Apples are working on “Chandelier.” Cathy has chosen this piece of music because she knows that Abby thinks it belongs to Maddie (and thus Abby). No, the song belongs to Sia. Maddie just danced to it.

Holly has some concerns about the routine. She is upset over the “super secret” solo for Maddie. All the Dance Moms know Melissa is not going to pull Maddie’s number. Christi is the most vocal. When Melissa says she is going to stand up for herself, it’s the typical move. She runs to Abby and complains.

Abby tells the moms that they need to take responsibility for their daughters’ performances. Christi points out that she can be just like Abby and talk or text on the phone while listening. Actually, Christi does better than Abby because she answers. Let’s give Christi the award for naming the episode for fans — Abby, the witch. All our Dance Moms agree that Abby will use the argument against Chloe. While rehearsals go well, Chloe overhears Christi’s comments about her loss of confidence.

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Candy arrives first and hands out apples to the crowd. Abby arrives and there are no cheers, but apples are held up in the air. They recognize the Evil Queen! Abby calls the stunt ridiculous, but I call it funny.

Christi tries to encourage Chloe, who apologizes for her failings in dance. Jill has looked at the program and learned that Cathy is doing “Chandelier.” What does Abby do? She goes and attacks Cathy — again. It seems Cathy has paid $12,000 to have the rights to perform the number. Wow! That’s a lot of money just to tick Abby off. Melissa and Jill finally get Abby out of Cathy’s space.

Abby offers Maddie the chance to dance “Chandelier,” but Maddie tells her it’s not her decision. When pushed, Maddie declines the chance to dance. Holly thinks that Melissa should have made the call and not forced it on Maddie, and I agree.

Abby’s solos look beautiful, but I’m not a judge. As the group dances start, “Chandelier” goes first, and Cathy gets cheers and applause. Does this mean people are tired of Abby? It is funny that both Abby and Maddie have sour looks on their faces during the number.

“Hollywood Stars” by the Select Team is elegant, but it is “AMBER Alert” by the Elite Team that makes you think. Children playing only to have one disappear! But why is is always Nia who is the villain? Oh, wait, all but Maddie are too. The song ends with MacKenzie apparently dead and Maddie scared.


At awards, Kendall gets ninth place. There is a tie between fifth and sixth place. Sixth place goes to Kamryn, with Chloe taking fifth because of a technical performance. Abby isn’t happy because she thought Kamryn was better. The overall group routines have Candy Apple winning fifth place, while the Select Team’s “Hollywood Stars” takes second place. First place with a large trophy and the National Championship goes to the Elite Team with “AMBER Alert.” Abby is upset, though, because no solo got first place.

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In the hall, Abby and the Dance Moms go at it. Abby tells Jill that Kendall shouldn’t cry. Christi tells Abby that she’s to blame for the girls’ technique. Christi also tells Abby that she was nothing before Dance Moms made her a household name. Abby tells Christi that Chloe is washed up.

Christi tells the others that enough is enough, and Christi tells us it’s about human decency. As the girls enter, Christi cries but Melissa encourages everyone. Chloe heard the fight and starts crying. Both leave before the rest. Chloe tells her mom that she doesn’t want to dance for Abby anymore but will miss her friends. Abby tells the Select Team they are gone and the Elite Team need to decide what they want — LA or not.

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