I’m reeling over this one, over the crazy things that transpired in the second half of the show. It was painful to watch. But bear with me, I’ll get there.

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Coconut Effect

Right away the teams compete in a reward challenge, having the choice of three things: comfort (pillows, blankets and a mattress), protection (tarp) and luxury (doughnuts, coffee, sugar and creamer). The men are salivating at the sight of the sweets, while I’d be shocked if the women don’t take the tarp, which the men already have.

This is a big competition, as the men are looking to shift the momentum back to their side after losing the previous two.

The challenge is to sling coconuts at a huge board with squares made out of wood. The goal is to knock off five squares in a row.

The women come out flying and don’t look back, winning the challenge pretty handily, selecting the tarp as their reward — very well-deserved.

‘Just Got Wowed’

Back at camp, Leif spills the beans to Bill about him being the original person Colton wanted out. Why Leif divulged that information is beyond me. He had nothing to gain, other than trying to get on Bill’s side — but for what? He’s not the one with the power. Bill’s eyes are open now, as he didn’t think the target on him had been that big, saying he “just got wowed.”

Then Michael, knowing that he too has a target on his back because he was on Matt’s side, lets Colton know just what Leif was up to. Of course, Colton is pissed someone in his own alliance betrayed him. He says Bill is sneaky but that Leif is stupid.

Colton confronts Leif, who tries to back-peddle after getting caught, but eventually comes clean.

Puzzle Power

The women head into the immunity challenge with momentum and confidence. The results of this one will be big.

Two members of each team have their wrists tied together and have to go through a short obstacle-type course and solve a puzzle. Each puzzle is different, and solving it yields a key. Three keys will open locks that will win immunity.

Poor Chelsea and Alicia. They are just NOT the brightest crayons in the box. They spend f-o-r-e-v-e-r solving the first puzzle, which doesn’t seem that difficult. In fact, the men probably could’ve done the entire challenge twice with their eyes closed and Chelsea and Alicia still would not have been done.

It’s not even a real challenge, host Jeff Probst says, and the men easily win immunity.

Alicia vs. Christina

The women are left wondering what went wrong. What’s puzzling and frustrating for them is Alicia’s attitude following the loss. She laughs! She has a nice speech about how she’s done well in the other challenges, but she’s starting to irritate her alliance, especially Sabrina, who says she has no fight, and points out she brings hostility.

And Alicia wants Christina out — still — so it looks like one of those two will be going home.

Confronting Colton

The men are acting like they’re the ones who lost immunity because all hell breaks loose. First, Bill wants to hash things out with Colton — man to man. Sounds reasonable, right? I didn’t get any attitude from Bill in wanting to talk to Colton and set the record straight. But Colton, who’s on a huge power trip, wants nothing to do with Bill. Then, Bill starts to get in Colton’s face.

Reeling, Colton suggests to the members of his alliance that they should give immunity to the women so they can go to tribal council tonight and vote Bill out. But it didn’t sound serious to me, the way he said it. It sounded like an empty suggestion, and in fact, made me laugh.

Men Lose Their Minds

Then the rest of Colton’s alliance finds out about Leif’s betrayal and then Tarzan flips his lid, getting on his high horse about how they can’t keep someone who betrays members of his own alliance and suggests to get Leif out of tribal council that night — doing something immediately instead of just waiting around.

The men take a vote. They seriously take a vote on whether they should give up IMMUNITY to send ONE OF THEIR OWN TEAM MEMBERS HOME. And I thought the women were the ones who were unstable? The men go to the women and offer up the switch. But will it really happen? There’s still time left for the men to cool off and realize they’re offering up one of their own members for absolutely no real strategic reason that furthers them in the game. They can’t be that stupid.

Major Drama at Tribal Council

And it’s the men who show up at tribal council. I can only imagine what Jeff was thinking when the men showed up. It’s really difficult to watch. Colton offers no real reason for wanting Bill out of the game other than the fact that he doesn’t like him. Apparently Colton came to the game to make BFFs, not win a game, and can’t make nice with people he doesn’t like.

The conversation at council then steers into a direction I don’t like. Jeff sort of eggs it on further (understandably so, for the entertainment value), and it then turns into Colton telling Bill he should get a real job and that his dislike for Bill isn’t his race, and tries to justify himself by saying he has plenty of African-Americans in his life … like his housekeeper. He’s being painted as a spoiled, selfish brat. At first, his matter-of-factness was humorous but now, I can’t stand the guy.

And the awkward and uncomfortable faces from the other guys is truly priceless — I just wish they’d use this opportunity to take out Colton, who’s really the one causing all the drama.

Just when I think this whole thing might stop for the vote, it spirals out of control when Tarzan blows up, saying the whole situation is unfair because Colton is being painted as someone he knows he’s not, then continues rambling about race and the direction our nation is going. Just STOP!

The After Effects

Is it over? Just the voting is left, and Bill is out. Poor Bill. Never got a fair shake. At least with Matt last week, he was pretty pompous.

Next week looks to be another doozy as Colton continues his reign, but will that be in danger when a surprise is revealed?

What kind of long-term effect will this move have on the game? When will Colton come off his high horse?

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