Wow, what an episode of The Courtney Show that was last night, right?

It turns out there was so much riveting footage of the women discussing Courtney until their cosmetically plumped lips almost fell off that ABC had to cut other, slightly-less riveting but still sort of interesting footage from the episode. But now they’ve posted a bunch of that footage on the internet, so we can almost achieve our collective dream: A Women Tell All special that lasts FOREVER! Check out these deleted scenes from last night:

Monica and Jen Talk about Courtney: Monica claims that Courtney is fake all the way down to her veganism, while Jennifer shows off the special t-shirts that her friends made back home. Check out Casey S.’s (Courtney’s friend) face when Jennifer reveals the shirt. These girls be caaaaatty!

Ben’s Toughest Goodbye: Ben talks about how hard it was to say goodbye to Kacie (twice), and to watch Courtney treat the other women poorly, knowing she acted like a different person when she was with him.

Ben’s Side of the Story: Ben gives his take on adorable Grandma Sheryl, crazy/sweet Jenna the Blogger, and Blakeley and her “blessings.”

Ben’s Breakups: Ben and Chris discuss when Casey S. went home and how that led to some self-realization for the Bachelor. We also look back on Ben’s very first one-on-one date with Kacie B., and realize that he hasn’t cut his hair since then.

The Bachelor After-Party: I don’t really know what this is (an internet Bachelor talk show? and somehow I wasn’t invited as a guest? UGH WHATEVER), but it contains an “exclusive sneak peek” of next week’s finale, which shows Ben getting ready to break somebody’s (Lyndzi’s) heart. Ahhh the suspense, it’s not killing me at all.

Any thoughts on these deleted scenes? And even more importantly: Any ideas for a special Bachelor Finale Drinking Game for next week?

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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