Wow, I never thought what happened on tonight’s episode of Survivor could have ever happened. I understand that it was basically the Manono tribe throwing a challenge to lose a member on purpose, but the tribes are now even! This truly is one of the worst moves in Survivor history. Well thank God that it did happen, because this was really turning out to be a dud of a season.  Now we have a super villain in Colton, and a bumbling crazy person in Tarzan. Enough from me, here are the top 10 tweets about this week’s episode:

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#10. @Vanderfluit: Never thought I’d dislike a Survivor player less than Russell, but Colton’s such an elitist racist that I am put off by the show altogether.

– This is what makes the show great! 

#9. @Hckathleen: “I’m so far ahead of everyone in this game I’m not even in it!”

– I’ll say this about Colton: he is really good in his confessionals with the camera. 

#8. @Psheppardtv: Leif is the man to watch I see him going deep.

– I don’t think so. He is gone in a couple tribals. 

#7. @Jonnyfairplay: I dont think it’s fair to let tribes see the other tribe’s work c’mon

– Yeah, this is one thing I haven’t liked about the challenges this season. It seems as if the women are relying on the men to see how to solve the puzzles. 

#6. @Nesbitip: If anyone is watching Survivor then you’ll agree with me that there is no way Alicia is 26 years old. Nope, not buying it

– She doesn’t look 26 at all. She is also extremely obnoxious, and has no idea how to play the game. 

#5. @Jessecsincsak: Just in case you were wondering Colton, you’re a racist. You deserve to get punched in the face!! 

– Racist maybe, but I feel like it is more of a rich vs. poor issue he has. Keep in mind that Jeff Probst LOVES when these types of controversial discussions about society happen. 

#4. @Pocketjlo: Men should’ve blind-sided Colton and made the impromptu tribal council count for something.

– Agreed. That would have been the absolute best play right there. Colton is so drunk on power right now.  You’d have to do something to knock him out.

#3. @Gradyowen: I’m speechless about Survivor.  What are the odds that the 8 dumbest castaways to ever play the game would be on the same season AND tribe?

– It’s a terrible move for some people in the tribe, but other people like Michael, Leif, Jonas, Troyzan, and Jay seem and should be fine with it.  

#2. @Billposley: As for Colton I hope this experience is the catalyst for change and acceptance in his own life.

– You have to give Bill credit. He handled this nonsense with class and integrity.

#1. @Wesdorne: Think there was a little bird in Colton’s ear feeding him this idea of giving up Tribal Immunity?

– What a genius thought! Maybe production did a little prodding to spice up the game. I doubt it though since we are constantly being told that the show is as organic as it gets. Really makes you think though… 

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