On last week’s episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, Cydney used the Brains on the bottom and the Beauty girls to form a girl’s alliance (plus Joe) to get rid of Nick. Are Jason and Scot on the chopping block next? We can only hope! Let’s see if the girls can stick together and get rid of two of the game’s biggest bullies.

Operation Sabotage

Tai congratulates the girls on their “girl power” vote, but Jason and Scot aren’t as nice about things. Scot says they were blindsided by the girls and it’s time to go to war. He says they’re going to take the tools and stop providing for them in an attempt to make them weak and turn them against each other. Jason says it’s psychological warfare and that’s what he’s best at.

When Jason asks Tai who he voted for at the last Tribal, Tai tells him Debbie because he doesn’t want to admit that he panicked and voted for Jason. He also realizes that these two are his closest alliance, but he’s uncomfortable with the extremity of their sabotage plan. He says that’s not how he lives his life, but there’s nothing he can do to control them or change their minds.

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Early on Day 23, Scot and Jason steal the tools right out from underneath Joe’s nose and hide them in the trees.

It doesn’t stop there. When Debbie notices the tools are missing, the girls rally by putting coconuts in the fire. Scot takes their positive attitude as an affront and pours all of their drinking water in the fire. Naturally that doesn’t go over well. Michele says she doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior in real life and she’s not going to let them get her spirits down. Debbie says Scot and Jason’s attitudes are a testament to their character; they’re bad sportsmen and not gentlemen.

Tai warns Scot and Jason about going too far. He says it’s too extreme and it’s going to be hard for him to sit around and watch. But Scot looks positively gleeful when he thinks about other ways to do damage around camp.

A Deserter

Debbie lays it all out on the table that Scot and Jason have been sabotaging their camp. Jeff notices the split in the numbers, so he tells them instead of a schoolyard pick for two teams for this challenge, they can team themselves up.

Clearly Scot, Tai and Jason are on one team and Joe is sitting out. So who will go over to the guys team? Julia volunteers a little too quickly. Both Cydney and Aubry pick up on that and now they don’t think that they can trust her.

The challenge is for the two teams of four to un-knot themselves from a long rope. Then, they have to throw sandbags at wooden pegs to clear them from a platform. The first team to win, gets Chinese takeout delivered to their camp.

The guys (plus Julia) lead pretty much most of the challenge, but when the girls catch up, Debbie is throwing bombs at those pegs. It looks like she’s going to pull off the upset, but Jason clears their platform at the last second to win reward.

Back at Camp

Jason feels like their luck is back on the upswing now that they won the challenge and they might have Julia. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that even with Julia, the numbers are still only four to five. I suppose they do have the only two idols in the game and thus a super idol, so that’s a thing.

Julia says that she does want to work with Scot and Jason because she feels like she’s at the bottom of the girls alliance. Not only that, but especially after what they’ve done around camp, no one on the jury is going to vote for them if she goes to the end with them.

Debbie doesn’t think Julia is going to defect to Scot and Jason’s alliance. But Cydney and Aubry’s B.S. meters are on high alert. Cydney and Aubry agree that she should be the next to go.

At first Tai was upset when Scot first poured the water in the fire. He now realizes that it’s “us vs. them” and the evil part of him comes out. He pours water on the new fire while everyone else is sleeping.

Joe wakes up in the morning to see the fire out again and the embers cold. Aubry thinks that Scot and Jason are doing this for a reason so they put their votes on one of them and they use an idol. So her gut is telling her to go Julia at the next Tribal.

Unfortunately, Debbie’s gut is telling her something completely different. She says that Scot and Jason are messing with their physical ability to survive and it has to be one of them to go next. Aubry wishes she would think more logically and less emotionally, but she puts her foot down and says she’s not writing Julia’s name down.

Stacking Blocks

For the immunity challenge this week, the Survivors have to stack blocks along an unsteady beam all the while avoiding tripwires. The first person to stack all their blocks and then push them over so they fall like dominoes and hit a gong, wins.

Everyone puts up a solid fight for this one (except for maybe Joe). Michele, Debbie, and Jason all try knocking their stacks to win it but come up short. In the end Julia wins immunity, thwarting all of Aubry’s plans.

Time to Scramble

Debbie tells the ladies and Joe back at camp that they have to split the votes between Tai and Scot even though she doesn’t think it’s possible that those three dummies have an idol. Guess again!

Aubry can’t believe Debbie just spilled out the plan in front of Julia because she knows she’s playing both sides. And she’s right. Julia goes right to Scot and Jason and tells them the ladies’ plan. Scot tells Julia to vote for Cydney tonight, but they still plan on pulling out their idols just in case.

Cydney and Aubry don’t like how Debbie told the plan to Julia. Aubry is really starting to get concerned about Debbie. She doesn’t want to see her go, but she’s not listening to logic and she needs a better partner in the game going forward and it looks like that partner is Cydney. Cydney’s convinced she can get Michele to vote with them and Aubry thinks she can get Joe.

But Joe is a no-go. There’s no way he’s voting for his old Brains pal Debbie. So who does that leave? Julia of course!

Michele and Cydney tell Julia the plan and she says she’s down with it. But ultimately, it’s in her control to decide who goes home tonight. She can vote with the Brawns for Cydney or she can go for Debbie.

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Tribal Council

Debbie says there’s an obvious division in the camp and now they’re not eating. The volatile part of the camp is making it hard for the rest of them to survive.

Julia says she went with Tai and Scot and Jason at the reward challenge simply because they needed another person and someone had to do it. Debbie says she understands she just wanted to eat and Michele says tonight is a good vote to see where Julia’s allegiances really lie.

Then start the theatrics with the idol. Both Tai and Jason put theirs on display. Jason especially makes a big show if it. He says after the votes are cast, he and Scot are going to rock-paper-scissors to see who plays the idol. There are a bunch of whispers going around and people saying to stick to the “original plan,” but who even knows what that means anymore.

To the Vote!

When it comes time to play an idol, Scot and Jason make another show of who will play the idol. Even though Scot wins rock-paper-scissors, they end up giving the idol to Tai and he simply puts it in his pocket. So no idol play, and no idol flush.

Then the votes come in. Scot, Jason and Tai voted for Cydney. Debbie and Joe voted for Scot. And the rest of the votes come in for Debbie.

Poor Debbie did not see that one coming. And in hindsight, the ladies could have gotten rid of Scot had they just not split the votes. But that was a big risk and Debbie had turned herself into a liability. Let’s hope she doesn’t hold it too much against them on the jury.

Next episode: Aubry tries to get Tai to turn away from the dark side.

Survivor airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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