The premiere of Survivor: Fiji (Season 14) is less than two weeks away, which means that it’s as good a time as ever to take a look at this season’s diverse cast. The February 8th premiere will bring with it the second most diverse cast in Survivor history (behind last season’s, of course) and what looks to be an interesting group. CBS has just posted the cast bios for Survivor: Fiji and there is a lot to be gleaned from the info given. I’ve compiled all the relevant info on each Survivor and added what I found to be the most notable fact for each that I found in their bios. As much as I like the look of this year’s batch of competitors, I’m disappointed by one thing: a distinct lack of really good looking women. Usually, Survivor gives us at least two stunners, but we’ve only got one sure thing this time (although there are a couple of dark horses out there). Anyway, here is your Survivor: Fiji cast:
Michelle Yi 23 Cincinnati Student Notable Fact: From the CBS bio: “She enjoys 80s pop music, drinking Eddie James, pirates, things that are green and video games prefaced with the name Mario.” How can you not like someone who professes their love for both pirates (in general) and fictional Italian plumbers? Mookie Lee 25 Wheeling, Ill. Loan Manager Notable Fact: One of his favorite alcoholic drinks are Jager bombs. That’s something I can get behind, Mookie. And your name, of course. Liliana Gomez 25 Oxnard, CA Loan Officer Notable Fact: Calls MTV3 one of her favorite TV channels. I didn’t know there was an MTV3 yet. I suspect Liliana owns a time machine. Dre Herd 25 Wilmington, N.C. Cheeleading Coach Notable Fact: Grew up homeless. Stacy Kimball 27 Boulder, CO Internet Producer Notable Fact: Is most likely a big-time hippie. Erica Durousseau 27 Lake Charles, LA Fundraiser Notable Fact: Was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Jessica deBen 27 Los Angeles Fashion Stylist Notable Fact: Easily the best looking member of the cast. James Reid 28 Los Angeles Bartender Notable Fact: From the looks of his bio, James seems like a typical Boston meathead. Prove me wrong, James! Alex Angarita 28 Los Angeles Attorney Notable Fact: One of his favorite films is “Rocky III” which I rank as the fourth best “Rocky”, behind “Rocky”, “Rocky IV”, and “Rocky Balboa”. Edgardo Rivera 28 Miami Beach Ad Exec Notable Fact: As an excellent tennis player, represented Puerto Rico in the Davis Cup. Anthony Robinson 32 Compton, CA Expert Witness Locator Notable Fact: A real Renaissance Man who enjoys video game, live-action role-playing, performing sketch comedy, and plays roller hockey. Kenward “Boo” Bernis 32 Lafayette, LA Construction Worker Notable Fact: Calls his favorite scent “food” and his favorite sports team the Houston Oilers, who haven’t existed in a decade. Earl Cole 35 Santa Monica, CA Ad Exec Notable Fact: Composes music and plays multiple instruments (piano, sax, guitar, violin and the drums). Lisi Linares 36 Los Angeles Customer Service Rep Notable Fact: Calls herself an “Underground Electropunk Noise Artist”, which probably means lots of kids have listened to her music while on ecstasy. Rita Verreos 38 San Antonio Single Mom Notable Fact: Calls her favorite scent the “smell of children’s skin”, which would be unfathomably creepy if she didn’t have two children. Cassandra Franklin 42 Los Angeles Civil Engineer Manager Notable Fact: Says her favorite candy is Mr. Goodbar, which I feel is an excellent and underrated choice. Sylvia Kwan 52 Ross, CA Architect Notable Fact: Just learned how to swim. Yau-Man Chan 54 Martinez, CA Computer Engineer Notable Fact: Is probably the smartest member of the cast. Gary Stritesky 55 Ramsey, MN School Bus Driver Notable Fact: Has competed in many inline skate marathons, an event whose existence I was previously unaware of. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

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