It’s been one week since Jaime and PG hatched a dirty plan to throw the immunity challenge on Survivor: China in order to get rid of Aaron.  I’m still steaming.  Judging from tonight’s previews, it seems PG isn’t quite done playing dirty yet.  If James goes home, I’m going to have some serious bones to pick!  Erik needs to step up and play a clean game.  Somehow, I think it’s a lost cause.  Tonight’s episode will be a hard one to stomach as the contestants must eat Chinese delicacies but I could barely watch the commercial.  With my eyes mostly covered, I’ll be here for the next hour doing live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! 

PG talks about throwing another immunity challenge.  Really?  Two in a row?  What kind of tv is that if tribes are just going to throw every challenge?  James does all the work around camp to try to prove how valuable he is.  The only problem is: they got along without him before and they probably can after.  He’s in trouble.

Todd just made the stupid mistake of telling Amanda that there’s an immunity idol hidden somewhere around their camp.  You need to keep that info to yourself.  It seems Amanda is with him… for now.  Who could say down the road, though?

Time for the reward challenge.  They’ll need to solve a puzzle and decode a famous phrase by Confucius.  They’ll want to be the first tribe back because the winning team will get to use a toilet, get clean, and have a light snack.  That’s motivation enough, never mind the kidnapping and the secret clue.  Jean Robert gets things started for Fei Long with James right behind for Zhan Hu.  PG tries to tell Sherea that they’re still a team in the middle of the challenge, but she doesn’t answer.  I wonder why… that was genuine, by the way.  I really do wonder!

Teams are neck and neck as they untie puzzle pieces and it will, of course, come down to who can better solve puzzles.  Fei Long figures out the phrase, wins reward, and brings James home for a night, kidnapping him. 

Enough commercials for Chamin in this episode?  Cha cha cha … Charmin!  I bet bathing never felt so good.  When Courtney and Amanda jump into the same tub, Jean Robert makes creepy comments to them.  Seems he’s still on that chopping block.  Two seconds after Courtney complains about Jean Robert, she cat calls a naked James as he cleans himself.  Granted the rest of the tribe did too, but it shouldn’t be a double standard.

The Zhan Hu members are paranoid after Frosti and Sherea wouldn’t make eye contact or speak to them at the reward challenge.  Now, they’re on a mission to win immunity.  What?  Your plan to throw challenges backfired?  Shocking!

Ok time out, if Todd’s plan goes as I think then I am psychic because I JUST called it.  I said to my family that Todd should get the clue, get the idol, give it to James who can keep himself safe and take out Zhan Hu.  If Fei Long throws next week’s challenge and votes out a Zhan Hu member, they’re dead in the water at the merge.  We’ll see…

Ugh, Frosti is interfering with Todd’s plan to find the idol.  FROSTI!  GO AWAY!  He doesn’t and now he knows that they have the idol.  Todd does give James the idol and makes a plan exactly like I thought.  James now plans to get the other immunity idol.  Loving his plan, Todd shares it with everyone within shouting distance.  Jeez, man.

Ugh, time for the dreaded eating challenge.  I am focusing on my laptop, I am focusing on my laptop!  Frosti and PG face off first, eating chicken hearts.  Gross, not better than what’s to come.  Frosti wins.  Jaime and Courtney are up next, with eel – they have to eat 3 pieces including the heads.  ACK!  Nasty.  Jaime takes it and it’s a tie.  Amanda and Erik are up next and have to eat 3 baby turtles including the shell.  I am literally screaming over here!  Erik wins.

This is the one I’ve been avoiding!  AHHH!!!!!  James and Denise have to eat chicken fetuses!  AHHHH!!!!  Denise performed so badly that James had no choice but to finish it, keeping Zhan Hu in the lead.  Erik and Frosti are last to eat something called a “thousand year old egg”.  Probst promises that it will be nasty.  I’ll take his word for it.  Zhan Hu ends up winning it, meaning James can’t use the immunity that he has.

Todd, Amanda, and Denise try to get rid of Sherea but Courtney wants it to be Jean Robert.  I don’t care as long as it’s not Todd.  Courtney makes a play to the other tribe members to get rid of Jean Robert, saying that their first plan already backfired today and maybe the Sherea plan would, too.  Wonder who’s going to win this one.

At tribal council, Sherea won’t go down without a fight, taking on Jean Robert.  Courtney openly laughs at him and mocks him, having no problem saying what she thinks of him.  She just called him a “crappy person”.  Boo, Courtney.

Time to vote.  Jean Robert votes for Sherea and she returns the favor.  Jeff tallies and reveals the votes.  With four votes, Sherea is voted out of Survivor: China.  Tomorrow, she’ll be talking to BuddyTV, don’t miss it!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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