It all comes back to Lucifer on Supernatural. In the mid-season finale, Sam goes back to Hell to talk to the devil himself for help in fighting the Darkness. Naturally, it doesn’t end well as we learn who Sam’s visions are really from.

Then there’s Dean who spends the episode making out with Amara (who is now age appropriate) while learning a little bit more about her plans. But an angel attack and a surprise in the Cage leaves us with two big cliffhangers for 2016.

Sam in the Cage

Sam is still determined to go to the Cage and talk to Lucifer since he was there when God stopped the Darkness, and he even sees a burning bush to support his theory. Dean reluctantly agrees, going to Crowley for advice on how to talk to Lucifer. However, in order to open the Cage and protect Sam, they need the Book of the Damned. That’s where Rowena comes in for a four-way unholy alliance. In this case, the Winchesters are literally working with the lesser of two evils. Well, more like four evils with Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer and Amara.

When Dean goes off to follow Amara, Sam, Crowley and Rowena go to Hell to summon Lucifer in the Cage. Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer is charming and funny as ever, with Rowena practically drooling over his alpha-male hotness. Lucifer agrees to help stop the Darkness, but only if Sam agrees to be his vessel again, letting him back into Sam’s meat suit.

Thankfully, Sam says “No,” but that’s when Rowena’s protection spell wears off. Sam is brought into the Cage, though he’s calm because he knows God is protecting him. The only problem is that Lucifer reveals the visions weren’t from God, they were from him! So now Sam is locked in the Cage once again.

Amara Wants to Talk to God

Amara is older and more powerful, smiting a bunch of God lovers with lightning to try and lure out her big brother. The Darkness desperately wants a face-to-face meeting with God and she’s not afraid to kill a bunch of people in a church to get it.

Dean investigates the church massacre and is drawn to Amara, learning that she doesn’t have anything against the world, just God. She thinks he’s super jealous of her because she wants to eliminate pain from humanity. Dean tries and fails to stab her, and in exchange she kisses him, vowing that they will become one.

A group of angels attack her, but are quickly killed. Still, they have a plan and every single angel in Heaven decides to smite her simultaneously. They fire, but Amara sends Dean away to safety.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, January 20 when we’ll learn how Sam and his new roommate are getting along and whether Amara is still alive. Oh, and Santa Claus shows up with presents for Crowley and Rowena.

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