As the name of the episode suggests, Supergirl’s “Human for a Day” explored the story of Kara living without her powers. As a consequence of her big battle with the Red Tornado, Kara blew out her powers and became merely human. The result was one of Supergirl’s best episodes yet as the supporting cast took center stage and Kara learned what it really meant to be a hero. Not to mention that Supergirl finally answered the suspicious elephant in the room, Hank’s true identity and purpose. Here are 21 of the best quotes from episode 7, “Human for a Day”.

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“Do not be afraid. And until you have fully recovered, lean on those you trust.”
– Alura’s hologram to Kara 

“You, Kiera? You never get sick. That’s the best part about you.”
Cat: “Did someone just sneeze? Who did that? Who among you sprayed my office with a million microscopic killers? I can already feel my throat closing up.”
Kara: (Sneezes)
Cat: “You, Kiera? You never get sick. That’s the best part about you.”
Kara: “That’s the best part?” 

“If I get sick, I will under perform. If I under perform, our stock prices will fall, thousands of people will lose their job, the S&P will take a hit and you will personally have triggered the next recession.”
– Cat about Kara’s sickness 

“I don’t know, today, I’m less Girl of Steel and more Girl of Stucco.”
– Kara talking about losing her powers 

“Yeah. You’re right. The world can survive without Supergirl for one day.”
– Kara right before a huge earthquake hits 

“Well, I’m not going to let that bloviating narcissist knock my creation down just to build himself up.”
– Cat talking about Maxwell Lord criticizing Supergirl on TV 

“Supergirl lulls us into complacency. She fools us into thinking she’ll save us and renders us incapable of saving ourselves. Like heroin, or the welfare state.”
– Maxwell Lord to Kara

“Normally, I would fire you and replace you instantly, but we’re short-staffed. So instead I will inspire you.”
Cat: “Normally, I would fire you and replace you instantly, but we’re short-staffed. So instead I will inspire you. Even I was like you once. Before all of this, I was, well… I was a, um, sought-after media pundit and a celebrated magazine editor.”
Winn: “That’s like me because…”
Cat: “Because before that, I was a humble wannabe journalist with the heart of a real journalist.” 

“You see, Wyck? That’s the story. Ordinary people like you, used to doing mundane and small things, finding themselves in the midst of a crisis doing something extraordinary.”
– Cat to Winn 

“No hero can save everyone. Not even Superman. But a real hero never stops trying.”
– James to Kara 

“It’s true. Supergirl has not been located yet. But her spirit stays with us, her insistence on seeing the best in people, a call for us to heed our better angels.”
– Cat sending out her broadcast 

“We choose who we want to be. And I know you’re gonna choose to be a better man.”
– Kara talking down the gunman 

“When you take a picture of someone, it’s permanent. And you’ve captured the truth of them in that moment, and that you can keep forever.”
– James 

“You’re not… You’re not gonna be human anymore. You’re gonna have your powers. You… You live on, like, a different level than the rest of us.”
– Winn to Kara after seeing her with James 

“I told you, Alex. I’m not the enemy.”
– “Hank” to Alex after saving her 

“I am not Hank Henshaw. He died the same night as your father.”
– “Hank” telling Alex the truth 

“I am the sole survivor of my planet. The Last Son of Mars. My name is J’onn J’onzz.”
– “Hank” revealing his true identity 

“I’m never disappointed in Supergirl. I was disappointed in you.”
– Winn to Kara 

“You have to understand that most people out there spend most of their lives feeling isolated and alone. And when a tragedy strikes, they look to their heroes. Not only for rescue, but for solace and consistency.”
– Cat to Supergirl 

“You gave them hope today. I know that you inspired them, because you inspired me.”
– Kara to Cat 

“My dear niece. Did you really think this was over?”
– Astra finding and attacking Kara


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