In Covert Affairs, “Transport is Arranged,” Annie and Ryan get closer to Auggie, but will it be in time to save him from Bolenko?
Annie Loses Patience

From now on, I will be forever wary of Annie telling someone that she has lost patience with them. Ryan’s buddy Omar learned that the hard way. I was impressed with how Ryan and Annie got across the border without Omar’s help, but when he wouldn’t spill Auggie’s location, I didn’t expect her to just shoot the guy in the leg. Okay, well maybe I would have expected her to do that, but not without a bit more warning first. But I guess when your best friend/former lover/maybe one day lover again is being held captive by a madman, you don’t have time for formalities.

Bolenko’s Target

Finally, we learned why Bolenko had been targeting men in Auggie’s unit and what exactly he wanted from him. Deckard was once a CIA operative working undercover with the Chechnyans who was on hand for an important prisoner exchange between CIA operative Mueller and a Chechnyan named Mueller. Even if I hadn’t seen any previous episode this season, I would’ve known right away that something went wrong with that mission just by the way Deckard was acting. Not that he didn’t do the right thing by saving Auggie’s life and killing Mikhail (who also happened to be Bolenko’s brother), it’s just that I could tell he was on a long string of bad luck.

Team Leader Auggie

Learning about Deckard gave us a chance to see Auggie in action again, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I like looking into the past to see the kind of operative he was before he ended up behind his desk. Of course he does amazing work at his current job, but I still like seeing how he did his previous one. It was especially fun to see him as the team leader and not just a guy following orders. Now I understand why Auggie was taking all of this so seriously. I don’t know why, but I was picturing him as just a part of the group, with someone else in charge.

The Rescue

While I do get a kick out of seeing Auggie outside of the office, I can’t say that it was exactly fun watching him get tortured. But man, did he stand up to it like a champ. Even Tash took her share of pain and refused to let Bolenko get to her. What I liked the most about the way the nightmare ended was that Auggie didn’t completely need rescuing. He managed to get not only himself, but Tash out of that place before it blew up. The look on Annie’s face when she saw him alive after that explosion was amazing and I won’t deny that I got a tad emotional.

The Aftermath

Though Auggie (and Tash) have been saved, the story still isn’t over. I’m sure Auggie, even as beat up as he is, will demand to help Annie and Ryan find Deckard. With every other man on his team dead, Auggie is going to want to make sure Deckard is kept safe from Bolenko and won’t just sit back and let others do it.

As for Sydney, it looks like she suffered some backlash from her mission. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that someone found out who she was and planned to have her killed. She’s alive for now, but I wonder if that will last and if she does succumb to her injuries, I fear we’re going to see Calder lose it. I’ve been predicting that his relationship with her would end badly and this could be how it plays out.

My favorite bits:

Auggie proving he still had a sense of humor, even as he was being beaten by Bolenko.

Bolenko assuring Auggie that he would help him remember. That made me so uncomfortable.

Annie and Ryan managing to get through the border with some phones. Whew.

Sydney asking Calder out on a date.

Nearly jumping off  my couch when Annie just up and shot Omar.

Annie: “You’re too worried about Bolenko and not worried enough about me.”

I gotta give it to Annie, her plan did work.

Auggie realizing Bolenko had Tash. Oh no!

Ryan knowing that Annie wasn’t going to wait if the SEAL team couldn’t make it in to save Auggie.

Tash telling Auggie not to talk to Bolenko. That girl has got fire.

Tash: “I’d rather go down fighting.”
Auggie: “I’d rather not go down at all.”

Auggie flipping himself up to get off that chain. Holy cow!

Bolenko dropping that switch. Ahh!!

Ryan helping Annie go into the building.

Literally cheering when Annie saw Auggie and Rash behind her and Ryan. I knew it was coming, but still.

Joan announcing that Auggie had made it. The silence made it even better.

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