Puppets, luchadore masks and lingerie! No, it’s not my New Year’s Eve plans, it’s more wacky hijinx from the Ghostfacers. The hilarious, bumbling paranormal detectives from Supernatural back in another video released by the CW.

It’s a holiday-themed episode with a Secret Santa that reveals some very disturbing secrets, a parody of The Night Before Christmas, and Ed and Harry dressed as stockings. Continue reading to watch their hilarious antics, which might include a clue about a future Supernatural episode.

Though there are many wonderful parts to the video, the key may be at the very end, when Ed and Harry send a very special message to Sam and Dean: “See you in the spring.” This is almost certainly a guarantee that the Ghostfacers will be making another appearance on the show to liven things up.

The video also features a few things that make me think Ben Edlund was a part of this, as it includes a puppet of Corbett, the gay intern who died last season, and a Mexican wrestling mask, both of which featured prominently in the final season of Angel.

Ghostfacers may not be for everyone, but I love the wonderfully silly world they inhabit, and they provide a nice break from the serious and emotionally heavy world of Supernatural. This video is delightful, and if/when the Ghostfacers do show up on Supernatural this spring, I’ll be more than happy to have them back.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image and video courtesy of the CW)

John Kubicek

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