It’s a big day for news from the Supernatural gang, and it’s not all from Sunday’s panel at Comic-Con. You can read more about the season 9 footage, angel “free for all” and Misha Collins directing an upcoming episode with our coverage of the panel, but there are two other big announcements.

A Supernatural Spin-Off?

That’s right, executive producer Bob Singer announced that the CW is in the very, very early stages of a potential spin-off for the longest-running scripted series currently on the network.

Sadly, however, the spin-off will apparently be centered around a new character, so you can probably drop your hopes of a Charlie Bradbury series starring Felicia Day.

The only details are that the new character will be introduced in the 20th episode of season 9, which will serve as a potential backdoor pilot for the spin-off (the same way The Originals was introduced in an episode of The Vampire Diaries). All Singer would say is that the new show would be focused more in a the city than traveling around to tiny towns in the country like Supernatural.

Baby #2 for Jared Padalecki

In non-show news, star Jared Padalecki and wife Genevieve are expecting their second baby! Confirmed by Us Weekly and a partial tweet from Jared (who wrote that “Genevieve is pre” before getting cut off by the 140-character limit), the two were seen at Comic-Con red carpets this weekend with Jared placing his hand over her belly.

This is the second child for Jared and Genevieve. Their son, Thomas Colton Padalecki, was born March 19, 2012. Since he was born five months after they officially announced her pregnancy last time, this new child might be a Christmas baby.

Thomas’ kid brother or sister will join the growing Supernatural family that also includes Jensen Ackles‘ recently born daughter, Justice Jay.

We’re definitely excited for both bits of news, a Supernatural spin-off and another Supernatural baby.

Supernatural season 9 premieres Tuesday, October 15 at 9pm on the CW.

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