The Supernatural spin-off has cast its first two characters, including an alum of the CW’s Vampire Diaries.

British actor Lucien Laviscount and TVD star Nathaniel Buzolic ae the first two actors to join Supernatural: Tribes, a potential spin-off that will be launched with a backdoor pilot on the original Supernatural in the April 29 episode.

Laviscount, a former star of the British shows Waterloo Road and Coronation Street, will star as Ennis Roth, a Chicago police academy trainee who learns about being a Hunter from Sam and Dean after his fiance is killed. Laviscount is also a singer and competed on the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother in 2011 (where he lived in the house with Tara Reid, among others).

Buzolic, who played Kol, one of the Original vampires on TVD, will appear as David Hayden, a shapeshifter and member of one of Chicago’s ruling monster families who has tried to live as a normal human.

Supernatural: Tribes centers on the warring, mafia-style families of monsters that rule Chicago, and Ennis’ quest to take them down. It’s being written by Andrew Dabb, a longtime Supernatural writer, and the episode will be directed by SPN executive producer Robert Singer.

(Image courtesy of the CW)

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