Season two of Bates Motel will be introducing yet another damaged soul to join the already dysfunctional trio of Norma, Norman and Dylan. Caleb (Kenny Johnson), Norma’s brother, will be paying a visit to his sibling. As fans of the show know, Norma revealed to Norman during the season one finale that her brother sexually molested her growing up. So, how will the appearance of this dark figure from her past affect Norma’s mental state?

According to Vera Famiga, who plays the television incarnation of one of cinema’s most famous mothers, “This is a woman who’s been abused by her father, abused by her brother, and discarded by men…these poisonous feelings that she has are embedded so deep in he psyche, and she’s never uprooted them. She’s got this rampart that she’s built…it’s a lifetime of defensive walls.” The walls aren’t as fortified as they once were, and now Norma will be forced to deal with emotional issues, that until now, she’s chosen to squash.

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“He’s (Caleb) a very volatile emotional memory for Norma that she really has no idea what to do with. It’s not like it’s ever been talked through or worked on. Obviously, it’s super-complicated because of Norman’s great protectiveness of his mother, and his tendencies that even he doesn’t know about,” says Executive Producer Kerry Ehrin. In other words, hide the iron and the meat tenderizer.

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It’s not all gloom and doom for Norma. She’ll be trying to build some goodwill within the community of White Pine Bay, and this leads to new friendships, and possibly, a new love interest. Farmiga states that her character believes achieving success with the motel will bring her happiness. Norma’s got to do some serious damage control because there are a lot of negative associations with the motel (murders, sex slaves, dead bodies in beds).

“Last season was sort of about all of these things that got in the way of Norma and Norman achieving what they came to White Pine Bay for; achieving this dream, this season is very much about putting them in a position where they might actually get it,” says Ehrin. It won’t be outside forces working against them so much as their own personal demons.

The second season of Bates Motel premieres March 3 at 9pm on A&E.

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