Wow. I’m used to Supernatural season finales ending with a huge, dangerous cliffhanger, but this one takes the cake. It’s continuing the trend of ending odd-numbered seasons by stranding one brother in a new world. For season 3, Dean went to Hell. For season 5, Sam went into the cage with Michael and Lucifer. And now Dean is off to the worst place you could possibly imagine: Purgatory.

The finale begins the way all Supernatural finales do: “The Road So Far” recap set to “Carry on My Wayward Son,” also known as the most bad-ass, awesome montage on all of TV.

Let’s Make a Deal

Crowley and Dick Roman meet up and the Leviathan leader wants to make a deal. He offers to give Crowley and his demons Canada if he’ll just give Sam and Dean some fake blood. Poor Canada, always the butt of the joke.

Crowley agrees, but first he makes Dick Roman sign a comically long contract that resembles the one from the hilarious Marx brothers movie A Night at the Opera (the party of the first part shall agree to the party of the second part) . Dick signs it, which is never a good idea.

Sam and Dean Get Ready

The brothers find the bone of an old nun, which seems pretty righteous to them. They also have Meg and Cas in their corner. Finally, Crowley shows up and offers them his blood, even telling them about the deal he made with Dick. Can he be trusted? Probably not.

The Leviathans’ Big Plan

Dick has a big meeting of all the most important Leviathans to reveal the next stage in their plan to fatten up humanity as a food supply. He’s developed a lethal non-dairy creamer that will kill all the skinny people, because Leviathans like big butts and they cannot lie.

Goodbye, Bobby

Bobby, still possessing the maid, is on the warpath and shows up to SucroCorp to kill Dick just as Sam and Dean are scouting it out. Sam goes to stop him but Bobby the Maid chokes and almost kills him before leaving the body.

The boys regroup at the cabin and Ghost Bobby shows up. He was terrified that he almost killed Sam, and even more terrified that he still wants to go after Dick. So Bobby asks the boys to burn the flask and kill him for group.

It hurts. A lot. But it’s the right thing to do. Ghost Bobby gives the boys one last piece of advice (get Dick because it’s the job, not for vengeance) and then the flask is burned. The show wisely keeps the camera on the boys instead of showing us Bobby’s ghost burning up. I guess now it’s time to admit that Bobby is really, truly gone.

The Big Plan to Kill Dick

With Bobby gone, Dean comes up with a master plan, that thankfully involves the return of one of our favorite characters: the Impala! Oh baby, I’ve missed you. Accompanied by “Born to Be Wild” we see the Impala speeding down the road and crashing straight into SucroCorp.

Only it’s not Dean behind the wheel, it’s Meg. She’s the distraction, and Dean must really, really want Dick dead if he’d let a demon drive his baby. She kills and beheads a few Leviathans before a pair of demons show up to take her to Crowley.

But the distraction was enough to let Dean, Sam and Cas sneak in and look for the real Dick Roman (luckily Cas can identify which of the clones is the real one). They find him and Kevin Tran, and after a little fake out, it works.

Dean rams the righteous bone washed in the blood of the three fallen right into Dick Roman’s neck. He laughs, then starts vibrating, then he explodes. It’s a pretty awesome ending. But it’s just the beginning.

Sam and Dean Are All Alone

After Dick Roman explodes, Dean and Cas disappear. Sam is left all alone until Crowley shows up. It seems killing Dick destroyed the Leviathans’ master plan, but the other Leviathans are still around, just another monster. Dick also takes Kevin the prophet and lets Sam know that he’s all alone because Dean and Cas are long gone.

And boy, are they gone. We see them wake up in a dark and scary forest. Welcome to Purgatory, where all dead monsters go to kill each other. So basically, everything Dean has ever killed and every bad thing that has ever existed is all around him, and he has no way of getting out because Cas vanishes. Yikes.

And this is how season 7 ends. It was a hit-or-miss season, but man do I love this ending. Leaving Sam all alone and stranding Dean in Purgatory is the kind of epic, brilliant cliffhanger this show does best. I can’t wait to see how new showrunner Jeremy Carver digs out of this hole.

Also, I hope that Dean being in Purgatory means the show can bring back any and all creatures he’s killed. Sam’s girlfriend Amy? Azazel? Maybe even Bobby? Absolutely anyone could be in Purgatory.

Now comes the waiting, Supernatural season 8 won’t begin until October, when it moves to Wednesday nights at 9pm. See you then.

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