It took a while, but Kensi and Deeks finally went from only semi-acknowledging their “thing” and using too many metaphors to going “all in” in season 6 to being engaged (officially) by the end of season 8 of NCIS: Los Angeles. And by the time that happened, they had already easily become one of the best and most stable couples on TV. Here are 13 moments that made us fall in love with Kensi and Deeks’ relationship.

13 Moments That Made Us Fall in Love with Kensi and Deeks' Relationship on 'NCIS: Los Angeles'

Kensi Put Her Life in Deeks’ Hands in “Deliverance”

It was still early on in their partnership, but when she was taken and he found her standing in a room full of laser triggers she couldn’t break without setting off explosives, she trusted him to get her out of there, even though his plan sounded crazy. If the lasers received light at the right frequency (via his gun), they wouldn’t register that the beam was broken and she could move around them. It worked, until there were a couple he couldn’t get to, and then it was up to her. And then it was just a matter of her taking his hands and jumping out of the room with him as the explosives went off behind them.

They Remembered Their First Meeting in “Neighborhood Watch”

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While Kensi and Deeks were undercover, a couple asked how they met, and they used details of their first encounter (which had also been when the two were undercover, back in “Hand-to-Hand.”) That included Kensi answering pretty quickly when asked what Deeks had been wearing.

“Sunshine and Gunpowder” in “Wanted”

At the time, they had just been work partners, though that didn’t stop Kensi from using another kind of “partners” survey with Deeks, and as he read, one of the questions asked him to describe how she smelled. After the events of the case led to her making him promise not to get himself killed, he called after her, “you smell like sunshine and gunpowder, two of my favorite things.”

The Box in “Red”

As Kensi explained, she got Deeks something that he’s “always wanted, more than anything else in the world.” And because of that, Deeks figured, “life doesn’t get any better than this moment right now ’cause everything I ever wanted is inside this box, right? There’s no real reason to open it then, is there?” (What’s inside is still a mystery.)

Deeks’ Communication Skills in “Descent”

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A conversation about undercover kisses and possible jealousy led to Kensi frustrated once again that Deeks wouldn’t just say what he meant. After calling him out on his “poor communication skills,” she walked off complaining, “I never, ever, ever know what the hell you’re talking about because you never say what you mean,” but he cut off her frustrations with a kiss. “How’s that for communication?” he asked after.

“Everything” in “Ascension”

Though Deeks needed time, he made sure Kensi knew just how important she was in helping him when he was tortured: “I just want you to know that the place I went to in my head to stop the pain was you. I just kept thinking about your smile and your laugh. Everything. It’s the only thing that got me through, for whatever it’s worth.”

“It’s a Love Story” in “Impact”

Nate suggested that Deeks needed to figure out what made his and Kensi’s partnership “unique,” what the one ingredient was that made it distinct from others.

And with Deeks ignoring calls (and even cronut deliveries) following his torture, Kensi finally just showed up with takeout, beer and plans to watch a movie together. As he fell asleep, she rested her head next to his against the couch and wondered, “What happens next?” “It’s a love story,” he answered.

The Date in “Recovery”

Without actually saying the words, Deeks asked Kensi out on a date and took her to a fancy restaurant instead of “something like tacos.” She called him out on once again saying something “without actually saying it,” and he once again interrupted her, this time telling her, “I don’t want to be here with you right now … I want to be at my place, right now, with you.” With that, they left the restaurant.

“All in” in “Humbug”

But it would take a year for the two to finally decide to “be bold” together instead of safe as they have been, with Kensi finally pushing for them to make the move to stop the games and go “all in” at an ice rink.  

Kensi Has All She’s Ever Wanted in “Command & Control”

After Kensi spent a week undercover “in a world where money was no object,” Deeks admitted that while he didn’t need that kind of stuff, he sometimes wanted to be able to buy her things. But he knew with his job, he’d never have that kind of money.

That wasn’t what she needed though. “This is all I’ve ever wanted,” she assured him. “Even before I met you, this is exactly how I wanted to feel. I don’t care where I have breakfast, as long as you’re there.”

The (First) Unofficial Proposal in “The Seventh Child”

Though their talk about having kids didn’t end up where Kensi might have hoped at the end of a crazy day, they did take a step forward in their relationship, with Deeks unofficially proposing when he wondered, “Was it too crazy for two people to get married?”

No, it wasn’t, but she also wasn’t saying yes “in the hallway at work without a ring,” she insisted, teasing him that maybe he’d “have a chance” down on one knee, at the beach at sunset with a ring. Still, he was taking her response as a yes. (And considering they started talking about what their wedding would look like after that, they were all but officially engaged from that point on.)  

The “Very Romantic” Coma Proposal in “The Queen’s Gambit”

At this point, Deeks had the ring and was referring to Kensi as his fiancee, but it still wasn’t official and there wasn’t a ring on her finger. But even though she was in a coma, he wasn’t going to let that stop him. While he was waiting for the right time and the sunset on the beach they talked about, “sometimes life doesn’t work the way that you plan it, so we adapt,” he said before asking, “Kensi Marie Blye, will you please wake up and marry me?” And while she couldn’t give him an answer, he could see if the ring fit, and it did.

The Official Proposal in “Unleashed”

Because it’s 2017 and Deeks already had his shot (and had technically proposed three times), Kensi was the one to get down on one knee with a ring (or rather, the pin of a flash bang grenade, at a crime scene) and ask him to marry her in the season 8 finale after Sam had lost his wife.

“Life is really short, Deeks,” she explained. “We saw that today. We see it every day. And I don’t know how much time either one of us has left, but I do know this: I want to spend the rest of what I have with you. So, what’s it gonna be?” While Deeks joked that it was “a lot for a girl to process,” he of course said yes, and as he pondered the lack of bling on his ring, she reminded him that she’s “more bang than bling.” “That’s right,” he remembered. “Sunshine and gunpowder.”

What do you think the most romantic Kensi and Deeks moment is so far? Which proposal do you like the most?

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