Supernatural finales are never good for the Winchesters. The brothers get into accidents, die, unleash new evil or get stuck in dangerous places like Purgatory. In 10 seasons, there’s not a single finale that didn’t end with something very bad happening to Sam and Dean. Although to be fair, the bad thing only happens after successfully accomplishing whatever they were trying to do that season.

So heading into the season 10 finale, Supernatural fans could count on two things. First, Dean would probably be cured of the Mark of Cain. But that victory would be followed by something much, much worse. And that’s exactly what happens.

Dean Flies Solo

Dean is still investigating cases, but on his own. He gets called in by Rudy, another Hunter, to look into some vampires. Dean is definitely not himself, referring to the victims as skanks to their families. He doesn’t care about anything besides killing the monsters.

He tracks the vampires and finds Rudy being held hostage. Dean taunts the vamp and dares him to kill Rudy. Dean’s recklessness has deadly consequences as the vamp actually kills Rudy before Dean can kill it. Dean saves the girl, but she’s as mortified as we are at how poorly Dean handled this hostage situation.

What is the Darkness?

Dean copes with Rudy’s death by trashing hit motel and then summoning Death, the Horseman. In a rare moment of levity in the finale, Dean cooked Death some Mexican food as an offering.

Death offers some huge exposition. Before God created the universe, He and the angels were locked in a battle with an evil force called the Darkness, and he’s not referring to the band who released that “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” song. God imprisoned the Darkness and the key to that prison is the Mark. God entrusted it to Lucifer, but the Mark soon corrupted him because of its connection to the Darkness. So Lucifer transferred it to Cain. If the Mark is cured, the prison opens and the Darkness will return.

In other words, the Darkness is the root of all evil. It’s what caused Lucifer to turn against God and create demons. The only way to ensure that the Darkness stays locked up is for Dean to transfer the Mark to someone else, but he won’t. Death has another offer, to take him to another world so he won’t hurt anyone. However, first Dean must kill his brother, because otherwise Death knows that Sam won’t stop until he brings his brother back.

Does Dean Kill His Brother?

Sam arrives and the brothers have an intense argument about whether they are good or evil. Dean argues that Sam was willing to die to close the Gates of Hell, and now Dean realizes he should’ve let him do it. But Sam refuses to believe that his brother is evil. He knows Dean is good, even with the Mark.

After a fight, Sam reluctantly accepts his fate and kneels before his brother. Dean takes Death’s scythe to kill Sam. First, Sam takes out photos of them as kids and asks Dean to remember these pictures so that, one day, they will help him find his way back to goodness.

Dean asks Sam to close his eyes. “Forgive me,” Dean says. And then he swings the scythe…all the way around to kill Death instead! It’s a fantastic scene full of the emotional brotherly love we’ve come to expect plus a cool surprise twist.

HOORAY! Wait…hooray? Sure, Dean didn’t kill his brother, but he killed Death and that can’t be good. All I can think about is that Family Guy episode when the Grim Reaper broke his foot and stayed on Peter’s couch, so no one was able to die.

The Cure

Rowena agrees to cure Dean in exchange for her freedom and the codex to unlock the Book of the Damned. Sam agrees over Castiel’s objections. However, the spell requires three very rare objects: the Forbidden Fruit from the Garden of Eden, the Golden Calf from the Bible and something Rowena loves for her to kill as a sacrifice.  However, she doesn’t love Crowley, so that leaves a Polish boy named Oscar she loved 300 years ago.

Cas summons Crowley to help locate the ingredients. He goes back to the diner he was eating at before Sam tricked him last week, because that waiter he was talking to is Oscar. Rowena cured his illness and made him immortal.

Crowley brings the ingredients to Rowena and she goes to work on the spell. She even kills Oscar, which is more proof that she’s incapable of loving anyone. After the spell is completed, Rowena breaks free and leaves with the Book. Her witch powers are now off the charts and she can even freeze Crowley and turn Cas into a rabid monster. The last thing we see is Rowena leaving as crazy Cas is about to kill Crowley.

Here Comes the Darkness

After Dean killed Death, Sam is happy. Then Rowena’s spell takes effect and the Mark disappears from Dean’s arm. See, I told you Dean would be cured. Everything seems fine until they walk outside.

A bunch of lightning bolts hit the ground. From those spots, black smoke emerges. The black smoke all comes together to form a massive cloud of evil black smoke that I assume is the Darkness. Sam and Dean jump into the Impala to drive away, but they get stuck,

season 10 ends with Sam and Dean trapped in the Impala as the Darkness surrounds them. This can’t be good.

That does it for Supernatural season 10. Dean is cured, Rowena is free and extremely powerful, Cas may (but probably won’t) kill Crowley, Death is dead, Metatron is on the loose with the Demon Tablet and the Darkness is unleashed on Earth.

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