For most of season 6, Supernatural fans like myself have assumed that the Mother of All Monsters, Eve, was the Big Bad, the primary villain Sam and Dean had to defeat. That’s not true. She was just a distraction from the real Big Bads. Oh yes we have trouble my friends, right here on Supernatural. Trouble with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “C” and that stands for … Crowley and Cas!

But we start with the return of Lenore, Amber Benson’s good vampire we met in season 2. She points the boys to Eve’s location after Dean makes five shotgun shells out of the phoenix ash. Then she wants to die, and while Sam is uneasy, Cas has no problem killing her. Because he’s evil. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The whole gang heads to Oregon where Eve is, and seeing Sam, Dean, Cas and Bobby all on a mission is weird but exciting. The problem is that Cas is powerless around Eve, thus making him little more than “a baby in a trenchcoat,” according to Dean.

They learn that Eve is experimenting with making new monster hybrids, like a wraith-vampire. I might call it a vampwraith or maybe a wraithpire, but since Dean discovered them, he names them Jefferson Starships, because they’re horrible and difficult to kill. The look on Dean’s face reveals that he’s way too happy with himself for coming up with that. I’m glad he didn’t discover America, because if he did, we’d be living in Kickassland or maybe Awesomia.

They find two little boys, brothers, who appear safe, so Sam and Dean go on a separate mission to drive them to their uncle’s house, against Castiel’s wishes. Cas doesn’t like helping people. Because he’s evil. Oops, I got ahead of myself again.

Finally Sam and Dean find Eve and have a sit-down to hear exactly what she wants, and what she wants is Crowley, who is NOT dead like we all thought. He also wasn’t interested in Purgatory, but instead he wanted to sideline the monsters so he could collect more souls and obtain their power, because, for about the 100th time this season, we hear that “It’s all about the souls.”

So Eve’s new plan is to turn everyone on the planet into monsters to take control of all the souls, and that required a little beta testing on creating the perfect monster to go undetected, which she did with one of the little boys Sam and Dean were so fixated on saving.

Her plan hits a tiny snag when Dean refuses and she bites him, turning him into a Jefferson Starship. Each team member had one shotgun shell, but what about the fifth? Dean drank it with a shot of whiskey, so the Mother of All just drank the phoenix ash and is killed.

Yes, the Mother of All is killed just like that. Because she’s not even close to the biggest threat to the world.

After Eve dies, Cas regains his power and fixes everything, killing all the Jefferson Starships and healing Dean. They all travel to the house where the little brothers were taken and they find them, dead, surrounded by sulfur.

Dean suspects Crowley, and Cas makes a quick exit, prompting Bobby to suspect that maybe Cas knew Crowley was alive and tipped him off about the kids. Dean doesn’t want to believe it, but I do. Because he’s evil. Yes, we’ve reached that point of the episode.

The next seen features the return of Crowley! I knew he couldn’t die that easily. He shows up with Cas at the diner where the Mother of All died and reveals that he’s tired of having to clean up another one of Castiel’s messes.

That’s right, Cas really IS evil! He’s working with Crowley and has been all along. Why? As everyone keeps saying, “It’s all about the souls.” Crowley wants them for power, Cas wants them to win his war, so it looks like they struck up a deal.

Next week on Supernatural: Evil Cas has some splainin’ to do. It’s an episode all about what’s really been going on all season between Cas and Crowley, the real Big Bads of season 6.

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