This week Supernatural feels a bit like FX’s American Horror Story. There’s a haunted house full of several generations of ghosts, some of whom try to help the people in the house and others who try to kill them.

More importantly, Bobby is back and he’s great as ever. Episodes like this make me realize what an integral part of Supernatural Jim Beaver really is.

It all begins when a Hunter named Annie calls up Dean to give him some of Bobby’s old books. Unfortunately, she gets killed while trying to stop a ghost in the haunted house.

After learning that Sam, Dean and Bobby have all had sex with Annie (which is as hilarious as it is wrong), they track her last movements to the haunted house. We also see Bobby following the boys, and most of this case of the week is told through his PoV. Inside the haunted house Bobby meets up with Annie and all the other ghosts living there and gets some valuable information on being a ghost.

How to Move Things: There are two ways a ghost can interact with the physical world. One is through a achieving a state of zen, which isn’t exactly Bobby’s cup of tea. The other is with a burst of uncontrollable rage. So I guess it really is like that Patrick Swayze movie. Bobby is surprisingly good at achieving a Zen state, though I imagine the uncontrollable rage will come into play later this season.

Ghosts Are Attached to Objects: This is stuff we already knew, but we find out that Bobby is linked to his flask, so wherever it goes, his ghost goes.

Draining: Ghosts can kill other ghosts by draining them, which is basically taking all of their energy. It ain’t pretty.

After some typical exposition and a shower scene with a disappointingly clothed Dean, it turns out the former owner of the house is the big bad ghost. Bobby and Annie track down the bones of all his victims in a secret room while Sam and Dean go off to burn the guy’s bones.

It all works out well in the end, except for the part where the ghost almost drained Bobby. But that just might’ve been a good thing, because when Sam and Dean return to the house, they can see Ghost Bobby!

It’s great news and Bobby is stoked, but the boys seem more confused. And Dean is downright pissed. He thinks Bobby should’ve gone to Heaven instead of staying. It’s kind of harsh, but I understand. Dean wants everyone else to live happily ever after, and he knows that things probably won’t end well for Bobby now that he dodged his Reaper.

But I hope Dean comes around. The idea of having Ghost Bobby become a permanent member of the team is too awesome to ignore. And while part of me is unhappy that we went another whole episode without addressing the “Leviathans want to cure cancer” story or the “What happened to Frank?” mystery, I’m happy to have Bobby back in the game. I just hope the writers don’t kill him off again.

Next week on Supernatural: Felicia Day (from the totally amazing web series The Guild) guest stars as a lesbian hacker. If that doesn’t make you smile, nothing will.

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