In the aftermath of the tragic death of Sam and Dean’s surrogate kid sister Charlie Bradbury, things are not good for the Winchesters on Supernatural. Dean blames Sam for her death, and Sam blames himself too. Dean decides to get revenge by going after the Stynes while Sam promises to stop looking for the cure.

So, of course, Sam continues to look for a way to cure the Mark of Cain. Let’s hope it works, because Dean goes on an epic killing spree and single-handedly murders every single Styne he can find. But surely he wouldn’t kill Cas, right?

A Hunter’s Funeral

Sam and Dean burn Charlie’s body in a proper Hunter’s funeral. The tender moment is short-lived as Dean blames Sam and his lies for getting Charlie killed. Sam also seems to carry the guilt of his actions. Dean wants Sam to stop trying to cure the Mark of Cain while he plans to go after the Stynes and destroy every last one of them.

Dean vs. the Stynes
Dean tracks Eldon Styne to his home in Shreveport where he’s arrested by the corrupt cops in the pocket of the Stynes. Besides patriarch Monroe, his one-armed son Eldon and his nephew Eli, we meet another family member, Eldon’s nerdy younger brother Cyrus who doesn’t want to be a part of his family’s disturbing business. But Cyrus is forced to cut up a bully so Eldon can get a new arm.

Dean escapes from the police and charges into Styne Manor, killing a few before he gets captured. Monroe and Eli decide to cut Dean open because a man who can’t die makes an interesting lab rat. But Dean’s super strength is too much. He breaks free and quickly kills Monroe, Eli and a nurse. Then he kills everyone else and heads back home.

Eldon and Cyrus weren’t there. They left to break into the Men of Letters Bunker, hoping to steal all of the powerful magical artifacts inside. Dean shows up and, after a bad-ass speech, he shoots Eldon in the head, getting the ultimate revenge for Charlie.

Sadly, Dean isn’t done. He takes aim at Cyrus, the sweet and innocent Styne who hates his family and isn’t a part of their monstrous behavior. He pleads with Dean to spare him. But Dean is so far gone on his killing spree so he shoots and kills poor little Cyrus too. That’s when Cas shows up to see the carnage.

Dean vs. Cas

Cas tries to talk Dean back to sanity, but it doesn’t work. Instead, Dean proceeds to beat the crap out of his friend. With Cas bloody on the floor, Dean takes out his angel blade and threatens to kill Cas. He raises the blade and then stabs…the ground. Whew, I’m not afraid to admit that part of me thought he was actually gonna kill Cas.

Dean warns that the next time he won’t be so kind as he leaves the Bunker.

Sam vs. Crowley

Sam goes to tell Cas about Charlie and to shut down the search for the cure. But then he receives an e-mail from Charlie, the one she sent before dying that has the key to cracking the code of the Book of the Damned. Sam is incredibly conflicted and you can see him struggle to figure out what to do.

Naturally, he decides to go against his brother’s wishes and asks Rowena to use Charlie’s key to find the cure while Cas goes to keep an eye on Dean. But Rowena won’t do the spell until Sam fulfills his end of the deal and kills Crowley.

Sam lures Crowley to a building with a fake text from Dean, then shoots him with a Devil’s Trap bullet and slips a hex bag into his pocket so Rowena can get her revenge. Crowley slowly dies and claims he’s reformed, but Sam remembers that he’s a monster.

It turns out, Crowley isn’t really dying and Sam’s speech has reignited the evil inside of him. The King of Hell is back to his bad ways and almost kills Sam, but lets him live to warn Rowena that she will never see him coming.

Next week on the Supernatural season 10 finale: Sam still wants to cure his brother, no matter the cost. But he may not have to, because Death is back with an offer of his own to remove the Mark of Cain. Something bad is definitely going to happen.

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