Season 6 of The Good Wife certainly kept fans on their toes. We saw Alicia jump into politics by running for State’s Attorney, and we saw Cary suffer as the target of a plot to force him to testify against drug kingpin Lemond Bishop. We also saw the growing pains at Florrick, Agos and Lockhart as the firm struggled to achieve stability. Alicia and Peter’s relationship continued to be complicated both personally and professionally, as Alicia herself tried to retain her morality in the murky political world. Let’s take a look at the most shocking moments of this memorable season.

#21 Peter Wants to Run for President

Peter knows that he won’t be elected President of the U.S, but there is a good chance he could become Vice-President if he runs. He promised that he would only run if his entire family agreed, and a weary Alicia shut down his hopes of his family campaigning along beside him.

#20 Finn Resigns

Finn turned in his notice to State Attorney Castro when he realized that Castro wasn’t really after Lemond Bishop at all. Castro’s motivation was to cause trouble for Cary and cause chaos for Alicia’s campaign.

#19 Cary Gets a One Way Ticket to Jail

Cary is arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin. The evidence is an audio recording that seemed to show Cary advising Bishop’s crew on how to smuggle heroin and avoid detection.

#18 Diane Downloads a Very Bad Computer Virus

Diane unknowingly downloaded a nasty computer virus that would delete the files at Florrick, Agos and Lockhart unless a ransom demand was met. Kalinda saved the day once again and the files remained intact.

#17 Alicia Finds Out About Zack and Nisa

Alicia was furious to learn that Zack took his high school girlfriend, Nisa, to get an abortion. Adding to her fury was the fact that Nisa’s family knew, but Alicia remained in the dark.

#16 Louis Canning Asks for a Favor

Louis Canning asked Alicia to contact David Lee, his estate attorney, about a donation that Canning wanted to make. Canning wanted to give some money to the family of his kidney donor, but they would like to give the funds to a Pro-Palestinian group. Alicia checked into the matter since Canning was on his death bed. The entire story was a ruse to set up Alicia.

#15 Diane and Kurt Go Hunting

Not only did Diane shoot a rifle and kill a deer, she is sad to learn that she enjoyed it. It was great to see Diane spend some quality time with her husband, and some Republicans.

#14 Peter Refuses to Endorse Alicia

A jealous Peter refused to support his wife when Alicia announced that she was running because she asked Finn to introduce her. In the end, Peter arrived after Finn’s introduction and said some great things about his wife.

#13 Lemond Bishop Sets up Alicia’s PAC

Alicia is surprised and dismayed to learn that her former client, Lemond Bishop, has funded a PAC to support her run for State’s Attorney.

#12 Someone Hacks the Firm’s Emails

Everyone is very unhappy to find out about what their co-workers are thinking and saying about them behind their back when someone hacked into the firms’ emails and released them. Awkward!

#11 Alicia Florrick is the New State’s Attorney

After a grueling campaign, Alicia managed to pull out a win over her opponent, Frank Prady.

#10 Alicia Must Explain When Sexy Emails Detail her Affair with Will Gardner

When some of the hacked emails were leaked that exposed Alicia’s relationship with Will Gardner, Alicia did an interview with a friendly, but not too bright, reporter. She told him that the emails were only “a flirtation,” and that she never had an actual affair with Will.

#9 Diane Faces Jail Time Because of Kalinda

When Diane learned from a private investigator that the evidence that she presented to the court to secure Cary’s release was doctored by Kalinda, she was devastated.

#8 Cary Tells Bishop He Didn’t Turn Against Him

Cary decided to confront Bishop to find out if a wiretap recording of Bishop stating that he wanted Cary dead was real. Bishop responded that he did say that, but he was just blowing off steam. Cary responded by reassuring Bishop that he didn’t give any evidence against him.

#7 Alicia Can’t Return to Florrick, Agos and Lockhart

After the humiliating turn of events, Alicia and the firm go back and forth about her possible return. In the end, the scandal attached to her name meant that she was no longer welcome there, or else clients would leave.

#6 Kalinda Fakes Evidence to Help Cary

Kalinda asks her computer expert friend to show her how to fake metadata. Kalinda made it look like Detective Prima deleted an email from the Canadian police that would have helped exonerate Cary. Without Kalinda’s knowledge, Diane found the information and presented it to the court. Ironically, Kalinda found her own actual evidence that would have freed Cary.

#5 Alicia Resigns

After being thrown under the bus by the Democratic Party, Alicia withdrew her name as State’s Attorney, but maintained that she was innocent of stealing votes.

#4 Alicia is Betrayed by the Democratic Party

Alicia was represented by famous civil rights attorney Frank Landau, who was hired by the Democratic Party. They don’t want a recount because they rigged the election for a state senator. He asked her to step down, but Alicia refused. Landau told the board that Alicia confessed that she committed voter fraud.

#3 Kalinda Gathers Evidence Against Bishop

Kalinda is certainly clever, isn’t she? She stole a flash drive from Dexter, one of Bishop’s employee’s, car. She used it to download evidence against Bishop from his home computer. She turned it over to Geneva Pine, so now Cary doesn’t need to turn on Bishop.

#2 Kalinda Threatens Bishop

Kalinda chatted with Bishop and showed him photographs of four known drug dealers leaving his house. She wanted Bishop to help her find Dante, who can corroborate Cary’s story about the tape. Kalinda threatened Bishop with the one thing he cherishes- his son. If Bishop won’t play ball, a brave (or foolish) Kalinda will go to child protective services.

#1 Kalinda Says Goodbye to Alicia

The moment that fans have been waiting for finally happened! While Alicia sat at a bar, Kalinda joined her and ordered them both shots. It was a typical Kalinda and Alicia scene like in early seasons, except it was bittersweet since Kalinda told Alicia that it was the last time they would ever see each other. It was an acknowledgement that they were friends before everything went off the rails, and that they would miss each other.

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