After a trio of stand-alone episodes, Supernatural finally gets back to the bigger issues of season 11 like stopping Amara and saving Cas from Lucifer. And “Hell’s Angel” packs a whole lot into the season-long mythology. A deal is made, a presumed dead character is still alive, we get to see inside Castiel’s head and we get to see a showdown between Amara and Lucifer.

Rowena Lives

So it seems Crowley’s mom isn’t dead thanks to some silly magic nonsense. Rowena is still alive and helping the Darkness recuperate after the angel smiting. Rowena’s goal is to be Amara’s confidante, but she’s playing all sides. She lies to Amara about the Winchesters and lies to the Winchesters about Amara.

The Devil in Heaven

Casifer heads to Heaven for a hostile takeover, threatening the lives of the angels unless they agree to let him rule. He makes a compelling argument since he’s the only one who knows how to stop Amara.

The Winchesters Team Up with Crowley (Again)

Crowley finds another Hand of God, the Horn of Joshua, and uses it to make a deal with the Winchesters to put Lucifer back in the Cage. However, the brothers know they need to use Lucifer to help stop Amara first. And Dean, as always, lets emotion control his decisions because he wants to put Lucifer in a different vessel before the big fight to save Cas first.

Rowena reveals herself as still being alive to Crowley, Sam and Dean so she can help with the spell to get Lucifer back in the Cage. They perform a spell to summon Casifer and when he arrives, Dean tries to talk to Cas to get him to expel Lucifer, but he fails.

Inside Cas

As an alternative, Crowley goes inside Castiel’s vessel for a chat. Cas is basically catatonic, happily sitting in the Bunker’s kitchen watching TV, waiting for Lucifer to fight Amara. Crowley can’t get through to him and Lucifer arrives to beat the crap out of the King of Hell until the Winchesters exorcise him back out.

Lucifer vs. Amara

Lucifer is still in control of Cas. He takes the Horn and decides to finally kill the Winchesters. But just then, Amara arrives, following Rowena. It’s time for the big showdown as Casifer uses the Hand of God, channeling its power to take out Amara.

The only problem is that it doesn’t do anything. Amara is totally unhurt, much to everyone’s surprise. Obviously killing the Darkness isn’t going to be that easy. Amara leaves with Casifer, Crowley and Rowena flee and the Winchesters are left no closer to stopping Amara, but now Sam is on the same page about rescuing Cas first.

In the final scene, Casifer desperately tries to make an alliance with Amara, offering to team up to take down God. But Amara isn’t interested. Instead, she plans on torturing Lucifer, aka God’s favorite son, in order to lure the Big Man out of hiding so she can make him watch her destroy everything he made.

Next on Supernatural: The show is taking its last hiatus of the season, but returns April 27 for the final five episodes of season 11 in a row.

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