After performing a disappearing act, Rowena’s back to help the Winchester brothers deal with their Darkness problem in Supernatural Season 11 Episode 9, “O Brother Where Art Thou?” And, it may have to do with a certain someone in a cage. We caught up with Ruth Connell to find out what brings Rowena back, how the reunion with Crowley goes, Rowena’s reaction to Lucifer and more.

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What brings Rowena back?

Thank goodness Rowena’s been pulled back in. … There’s a big cliffhanger in this episode and it very much leads into Episode 10 and we filmed the episodes together. It might actually be that the Winchesters might need something from her. I think when we last saw her, they needed her to free Castiel and here they are again. She’s like their nice aunty, she keeps helping them. You’ll see how she’s brought back in. It’s a bit of fun.

Why do you think she has this affiliation with the Winchesters?

Originally, Sam was supposed to keep up his end of the bargain and do away with Crowley for me. They also have the Book of the Damned. I need the Book of the Damned, I need the Codex and I need the code breaker Charlie discovered. They got the Book of the Damned off of me and then I disappeared into the night. They also have something that I need and that I want, but also I have the Codex. So we’re stronger together weirdly as long as there’s not any double crossing which of course is always possible.

Does the Book of the Damned and the Codex still play in to the story?

Absolutely. The Book of the Damned is so– it’s like having a free pass, isn’t it? The Book of the Damned is every piece of magic you could ever want. I think from a character point of view what’s been interesting from her last episode is with the Mega coven.

She had all this power with the book and she doesn’t quite take it and use it. She has her own hang up because she was rejected from the Grand Coven. She’s still trying to mend the old wounds and in a way it’s related to the Book of the Damned and what she does with it. The guys need something from her and it’s probably to do with a certain gentleman called Lucifer.

On Lucifer

Lucifer, he’s like the mentor of all mentors. I think she’s rather a fan girl of Lucifer because he’s the epitome of power and getting what you want and doing what you want.

In the official photo, Rowena has her hands up. Is she doing any spells this episode?

¬†Yes, we get to see a bit more magic. There’s some serious magic going on and at the same time there’s back chat going on between her and Crowley. They are snarking at each other because they are back together in this episode. It’s to do with the Winchesters and Lucifer. There’s some jiggity-pokery.

How is Rowena and Crowley reunion?

It’s all just sweetness and light. You know. [Joking] No, it’s not.You’ll see when I first appear with Crowley, it’s slightly arduous, but the Winchesters and Crowley need something from me and it’s how I use that to my advantage of course. Rowena’s always thinking ahead. She’s always thinking, “How can I use this situation to my advantage.” There’s no love lost between them.

Do you think Rowena fears for her life at all? She seems so confident, but do you think she has any fear deep down that she could die?

Yeah, I do. In Episode 10, you see a moment where’s she’s caught in a situation where you really see her back against the wall. And, what’s real jeopardy? If you don’t have any fears than there’s no jeopardy. I think the other thing I toy with is that Rowena is like a cat. She has 9 lives and the problem for her is that she can’t quite remember if she’s used up 7 or 8 of them. [Laughs]

There’s been so many dodgy situations. I also think she thrives under the pressure. She likes excitement. She’s at her best when she’s got to come out fighting and she’s not afraid to do that. And when her back’s against the wall, she comes out stronger. You get to see just how smart she really is as well.

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