Supernatural fans have reason to rejoice, The CW decided to release the fate of a few of their ‘on the bubble’ shows early, and Supernatural has been granted a third season.  Unfortunately, Veronica Mars received no mention in the release lending credence to the rumors that the Kristen Bell vehicle has been shelved despite a last minute tweaking of the formula designed to make the show more ‘mainstream.’

Supernatural has notoriously toyed with its serialized aspects since being introduced two seasons ago.  The finale essentially set up the series to take a more serialized approach to its mythology, which culminates into a war against mankind and demons.   Interestingly enough, the decision to pursue this method of story telling comes at a point when the big three are voiding their own serialized efforts, most notably CBS’s Jericho which will not be coming back to complete its story.

Veronica Mars was plagued by frequent formula changes after last years season long arc ended unsatisfactorily for most fans.  The plan initially was for Veronica Mars to have three over arcing mysteries this season.  When the first failed to bring in the right numbers, The CW nixed that plan and decided to try a final third of single shot episodes to see if the show could pick up any procedural fans.   Thus far the new formula, it’s third since inception, failed to bring in significant viewers.

Supernatural was never too much of a reach for renewal.  The merchandising has been hot for the show and some major talent has been attracted to contribute to the story over the past year.  Veronica Mars on the other hand was hoping for a radical departure to save it, in the fourth iteration of the show Veronica would be four years older and in the process of graduating from the FBI academy. Veronica Mars cast and crew created a development reel and promo for the new formula, which would even include a new name according to some, but the fledgling network was unmoved.

Mars fans can continue to hold out hope however, since the cancellations will not be officially announced until tomorrow.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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