The episode of Supernatural begins with a little girl being brought home early by her father.  Looks like his visitation did not go very well.  The mom tries to explain that it is her father’s turn to have her, but the child is frantic.  She says he is mean and there are monsters there.

Cut to dad’s workshop later that night.  He is putting the finishing touches on an unfinished rocking horse, notes the time, and walks away to get ready for bed.  The table saw comes on twice, attracting his attention.  The second time around he falls on the saw and is quite graphically killed.

Sam is talking to Bobby on the phone, trying to work out a way to free Dean of the deal that will cost him his life.  Bobby is not very hopeful.  Dean comes in with a possible case.  The saw guy.  Sam doesn’t see why it is so supernatural, but Dean admits that one of his loves lives in the town.  Lisa.  aka Gumby Girl.

He stops in on her, they haven’t seen each other for around eight years.  She seems a little uncomfortable for him to show up.  Turns out she is having a birthday party for her son, who is also eight.   The kid gets an AC/DC CD and is ecstatic.   Dean approaches the kid, Ben, and talks to him for a few minutes.  They are selling up the similarities like crazy.

Turns out one of Lisa’s friends is the ex-wife of the guy who got sawed.   She tells Lisa that her daughter is not her daughter.  Pod people moment.  Dean comes in and asks if Ben is his son, Lisa says no.

Sam is at a diner researching and who should show up but Ruby.  She is far cooler this time. Still have trouble taking her as a superior to the boys, but maybe that will dial back.  She tells Sam that there may be more with his mother than what he thinks.  She tells him to check out a few things and writer her number in his hand.

Dean calls Sam and tells him there were other deaths in the town.  Meanwhile, Lisa’s friend catches a glimpse of her daughter looking rather yucky in the mirror.  Sam plays insurance agent and checks out one of the deaths.  On his way out, he notices a strange mark on the woman’s neck.  Back to Lisa’s friend, she discovers one of the marks on herself.  While she examines herself, demon girl tries to bash her way through the door.  Then the doorbell rings and she pulls back.  It’s a friend dropping off a food basket.

Dean comes across Ben in a bit of a jam.  Some bullies stole his video game and he is afraid to go get it back.  Dean suggests a kick to the groin.  Which works, but totally ticks off Lisa who comes and tells Dean to flake off.  Dean sees a trio of creepy kids looking on.

Lisa’s friend puts her daughter in the car, and sees her in the mirror as a bizarro leech faced thing so she dumps her in the lake.  The kid really doesn’t seem all that bothered.  When she arrives home, she finds her daughter waiting for her.  Evil grin and all.

Dean arrives home and Sam tell him there are changelings replacing the children.  Fire turns out to be the only way to kill the changelings.   The real kids may still be alive.  Dean wants to check on Ben and when he arrives Ben tells Lisa to make Ben go away.  A sure sign that Ben has been replaced.

A clue of red dirt leads the brothers to a house under construction.  They go there and find the kids in cages, but there is another surprise.  One of the women from Ben’s birthday party arrives and it turns out she is an adult changeling.  Yipes.  Sam attempts to burn her, but she disappears.  Dean is letting the real kids out.

Lisa catches a glimpse of Ben’s reflection and is wise that he is a monster.  Some of the other kids show up to menace her.

Back at the house the mother changeling is finally torched after a brutal fist-a-cuffs with the boys.  One she is burnt, the rest of the changelings all burst into flames.

Dean brings Ben home to Lisa.  She wants to know what happened, but Dean convinces her she doesn’t want to know. Inside, Lisa assures him that Ben is definitely not his son, she did a blood test and identified the father.

Sam begins to dig into the information that Ruby gave him.  It turns out everybody who ever knew his mother is dead,  Sam confronts Ruby about it, and demands to know who she is.  Major twist!  Ruby is a demon.  She says whatever happened, it was all because of him.  She is interested in finding out why the demon was wiping out all of his mothers associates as well, and if he helps, she can help save Dean.

OK, bottom line… Ruby is now a cool character. Very nice twist.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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