Yunjin Kim as Sun-Hwa Kwon

Sun-Hwa Kwon is portrayed by Yunjin Kim on the show Lost. A graduate of Seoul National University with a degree in history, Sun greatly disappointed her mother when she returned home without a husband. Sun was attracted to one of her father’s business associates, Jae Lee, but their relationship was not meant to be as Jae was already involved with an American woman. She then met Jin-Soo Kwon, and with her father’s approval, married Jin. However, she was not aware that her father had forced Jin to work for his company, and soon, the pressures of the job made Jin angry and abusive towards Sun. Wanting to get away from her marriage, Sun decided to study English with Jae, but their friendly relationship gradually developed into an intimate love affair.

Although Jin didn’t know about Sun’s affair, they were already dealing with heavy marital problems, one of which was Sun’s apparent inability to bear a child. Although the doctor told Jin that Sun was barren, the same doctor later informed Sun that it was actually Jin who was sterile. Their severely strained relationship eventually took its toll, and Sun finally decided to leave Jin and planned to do it when they arrived in the United States. However, while at the airport, Sun realized that she still loved Jin very much, and from there decided to forego her plans of ending their marriage. On their way to the United States, their plane, Oceanic 815, crashed in an island in the middle of nowhere.

As one of the survivors of the plane crash, Sun wanted desperately to help the rest of the castaways, but was initially hindered from doing so because of Jin’s jealous streak. Soon though, it became clear that her ability to make herbal medicine from plants and different wildlife proved beneficial for all the survivors. Sun was even able to save Shannon’s life by using a special herbal concoction to ease Shannon’s asthma. She also aided Dr. Jack Shephard in taking care of the wounded and grew an herb garden with Kate. It was while Sun was tending to the herb garden that someone tried to abduct her, but her screams fortunately sent Kate and Sawyer to her rescue.
Despite her commendable efforts, Sun had to overcome another obstacle when, after finding out she knew how to speak English, Jin angrily ended their marriage. They reconciled after being separated for a short while, and later on, Sun found out that she was pregnant. Even though Sun knew Jin was sterile, she was sure that it was Jin’s baby. Both Sun and Jin were ecstatic about the pregnancy.

When Jin joined Sayid on his way to the Others community, she accidentally shot and killed Colleen. She barely escaped the Others as they took over Sayid’s boat, and she swam her way back to the survivors’ camp and into the arms of Jin. Later on, Charlie confessed that he and Sawyer were the ones who tried to kidnap Sun while she was in the jungle tending to her herb garden.

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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