Up until this episode titled “Quid Pro Quo,” everything appeared to be falling apart for Mike on Suits. Interestingly enough, that’s also when things seem to be coming together.

Mike is met with a visitor, Stamos, who wants to discuss his case. But he’s not happy when Mike lets him know that Harvey is representing him too. He gets even more upset when he finds out they were offered and turned down a $100 million deal. He immediately wants Mike to take the offer, but Mike tells him to be patient. Stamos gives him two days to make the $100 million into more or he’ll settle.

Back at the firm, Donna reveals to Benjamin that “The Donna” advice is much more compassionate and emotional than he thought. She convinces him that The Donna is ready to go public and he’s all in.

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Harvey meets with Mike and tells him that nothing can stop him from passing the bar after he found out Craig Seidel was in on the illegal activity too. Then Harvey drops the bomb that Palmer also knows about the plan to help Mike pass the bar and that they have to drop Stamos’ lawsuit against them to keep Palmer quiet. Mike is definitely not for that and is ready to drop the enter deal; even if that means not passing the bar, just so he can represent Stamos and the other victims. Harvey is willing to do anything to get Mike to drop it but Mike draws the line at extortion. 

Donna, Mike, Rachel, and Harvey Face Their Own Drama

The next morning, Mike lets Rachel know that he had to pull the plug on the entire plan to help him pass the bar because things got way too messy. But she’s not convinced he wants to give up on what could be his final chance to be a lawyer.

Donna meets Harvey bright and early at the firm and wants him to meet with Louis, who’s livid after a major client fired the firm because of Harvey’s MIA status at a meeting. Harvey briefs Donna on all of the drama and Harvey reveals that he doesn’t plan to give up even if Mike wants to. Harvey meets with Louis but not over the client they lost. Instead, he wants to find out who the woman was who had an affair with Sidel. It takes a little coercing but Louis appears to be ready to join Harvey. 

Mike arrives to work and sees a very upset Oliver. He tells him he doesn’t have to worry about the shady bar exam plan anymore and that he wants Oliver to help him move forward with the lawsuit. 

Donna also moves forward in her plan to make The Donna a game-changer, so she lets Stu hang on to it, hoping he’ll want to invest in it. 

Louis Gets Involved Too

Louis and Harvey meet with an old friend and hope he can hack into Velocity to find out who Seidel’s mistress is. It looks like Louis doesn’t have as much leverage as he thought so Harvey steps in to get his attention. But the friend says he knows the other woman’s identity already, then triples the price Harvey and Louis have to pay to get it. 

Harvey then continues his trek to help Mike get into the bar and convinces Rachel to hop on board. It doesn’t take long for her to join the team but she might be in for more than she planned. 

Louis later has to hide his secret plan from his girlfriend Tara. But if that wasn’t enough, he receives more information that makes him want to back out from the whole thing too. 

Mike Becomes the Underdog … Again

Mike meets with Palmer and confirms to him that he’ll give up passing the bar to keep the lawsuit going. But he’s surprised when Palmer brings him down to $10 million for $100 million after Mike’s case seems to be falling apart at the seams. 

Meanwhile, Rachel is in place to execute Harvey’s plan. She confronts a woman who she catches as a madame who works for Palmer. Harvey wants her to help him catch Palmer and she doesn’t really have much of a choice. 

Donna isn’t having a great of day as she started as Stu tells her that he wants to invest it, but he also wants 90 percent of the ownership. He tries to convince her that’s the best deal she can get. But she doesn’t believe him.

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Mike confronts Harvey about the Stamos and the miners’ case and Harvey lets Mike know that they now have leverage on Palmer. But what he doesn’t mean to tell him is that Rachel is now involved. Of course that doesn’t make Mike want to continue the case and the two get into a screaming match.

Donna and Mike’s Day Goes From Bad to Worse

A very nervous Ben comes face-to-face with Donna and tells her he doesn’t think they can pitch The Donna. Donna reveals that Stu was just a practice pitch and things went just as planned considering he wanted to invest in the device. This definitely gives Ben the confidence he needs to move forward.

Mike then confronts Rachel for going behind his back but she stands by her decision to help him pass the bar. Louis then gets involved and talks to Rachel about her and Mike’s issues. He reveals that he’s been holding his own secrets from Tara, and it’s eating away at him. Rachel tells Louis that it’s best to just tell Tara the truth, no matter how she could respond to it.

Donna and Ben meet with a potential investor who is concerned there’s no place for The Donna; a device Donna says makes Siri look like a “toaster oven.” She then gives quite the incredible pitch and clearly impresses the investor before she teaches Ben a valuable lesson before she goes to eavesdrop and finds out that the investors have no intention on moving forward with her.

Mike Does What It Takes

Mike then has a change of heart and tells Harvey to move forward with his plan against Palmer because he’s come to the realization that he wants to be a lawyer no matter how messy things get. It doesn’t take long for them to meet with Palmer and break the news to him about finding out about his espionage. They order Palmer to increase the settlement to $200 million and honor his agreement with Seidel. They give Palmer 15 seconds to make a decision.

Things Turn Around for Mike and Donna

Donna has to break the news to Ben and confess that she sees herself as the weaker link. So she dissolves their partnership so Ben can market The Donna solo. But he decides to be a martyr and doesn’t want to move forward without her. She ends up going back to Stu, hoping he’ll reconsider. She has a vulnerable moment and has to tell him she couldn’t shop The Donna. He agrees to sign on as a partner under their original agreement of 90 percent for him.

Mike then meets with Seidel and tells him to not only set the hearing for him to pass the bar, but “bulldoze anyone” who stands in his way. He threatens that he’ll tell Seidel’s secret if things don’t go as planned. Seidel agrees to “make it happen,” which doesn’t surprise Mike. Harvey and Mike celebrate but Harvey warns Mike that passing the bar won’t be as easy as hopes.

Can Tara Accept Louis and His Past?

Louis ends up telling Tara the truth about his past with Mike. But when she doesn’t take it as well as he hopes, he throws her own past into her face. Things get ugly between them as the episode comes to an end. Do you think Mike should have passed the bar this way? What do you really think about the future of The Donna? Should Louis have told Tara about his past?

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