The final season of Orphan Black was filled with moments during which characters had a chance to step up — and step up they did. Whether it was killing (or refusing to kill), making a bold move or just sestras being sestras, these are the moments we’ll remember.

Here are the best character and Clone Club moments and clone swap of season 5.

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Sarah Killed John  

John might have said it was a “lucky shot” that got him, but Sarah still shot him. And though he tried to suffocate her, she fought back. “I survived you. We survived you, me and my sisters together,” she told him. “This is evolution!” When he refused to die quietly, telling her she’d remember him and he lived on in her daughter, she shut him up by smashing his face with an oxygen tank.

Alison Brought Leekie’s Head to Rachel

OB S5 Alison moment.jpg
Alison stepped up for Clone Club and brought Leekie’s head to the pro-clone. But even if she knew where Helena was, she wouldn’t tell Rachel. She could file murder charges against the Hendrixes, but it would all lead back to Neolution, Alison warned her before ordering her to get her people out of her house. After, Rachel asked what she should do with her now and Alison told her, “Do whatever you want with me. But leave Helena alone.”

Cosima Refused to Let P.T. Take Her Humanity

P.T. put the gun in her hand and told her to “do the ethical thing” and “end the suffering” for Yanis. But she couldn’t and refused to do so. “You gave me life,” she told P.T. “I know you can take that away. You can’t take away my humanity.”

Helena Killed Coady

Even while in labor, Helena managed to show why she was the deadliest of the sestras, finishing the job she started when she smashed Coady’s head against the side of her bed in the penultimate episode. With an assist from Art, she killed Coady in the finale.

Rachel Snuck Kira out of Dyad Before Cutting out Her Own (Cybernetic) Eye

Once she discovered that P.T. could see everything she was doing through her Neolution eye and remembering what she had gone through as a child as Dyad’s experiment, Rachel covered it with an eyepatch and snuck Kira out to Sarah. But she wasn’t done yet. She also emailed proof that P.T. was a fraud and not 170 years old to the Board. She only took the eyepatch off when she was ready to cut out the eye.

M.K. Took Sarah’s Place as Rachel with Ferdinand Breathing Down Her Neck

OB S5 MK moment.jpg
After Ferdinand followed Sarah to Felix’s loft, M.K. insisted on taking her place and sent Sarah to go save her daughter. “Thank you for trying, Sarah,” M.K. told her. “I wish it could have been different for us.” M.K. knew she wasn’t getting out of there alive, but that didn’t stop her from trying to fight Ferdinand. She even spit in his face as he taunted her that he got to finish Helsinki by killing her.

Krystal Got Information out of and Took Down Leonard Sipp

Though Sarah wanted to pretend to be Krystal to get information out of the cosmetics exec, Krystal insisted on doing it herself. Surprisingly, Krystal’s methods worked. And she was all too happy to kick him down, threaten to put the same cream that made her friend’s hair fall out on his beard and kick him out of her place.

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Felix Wowed at His Art Opening and Thanked His “Galaxy of Women”

Clone Club (sort of) took the day off from sestra shenanigans to help Felix out with his art opening, at which he used the clones in a swap of sorts to impress a gallerist (which led to events elsewhere.) And he took a moment to thank the “galaxy of women” in his life — Sarah, Mrs. S and Adele — “for the nurture” because if he and Sarah had been a part of any other family, if S hadn’t chosen them as her own, they would have been entirely different people.  

Mrs. S Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and Took out Ferdinand

OB S5 S moment.jpg
Mrs. S did what she had to do to help the sestrahood, even working with Ferdinand, the man who killed M.K. And even before Rachel told her that Ferdinand knew they’d worked together to betray him and made it out of the death trap they’d sent him into, Siobhan was prepared for how it would end, leaving behind a letter for Sarah, Felix and Kira. But she didn’t go down quietly. Though he shot her in the chest, Mrs. S got Ferdinand back and shot him in the throat.

Delphine Did What She Had to in Order to Get Information for Clone Club

Yes, it meant that she couldn’t tell Cosima what she was doing and had to give P.T. something on the clone in order to keep his trust so he’d send her to places where Mrs. S needed her to gather information, and it meant working with the man who killed M.K., but in the end, they had what they needed to take down the enemy.

Art Helped Helena Deal with Coady and Give Birth

While he was stuck with Enger as his partner in the beginning of the season, Art stepped up for Clone Club in the final two episodes, shooting Frontenac, threatening to shoot Al-Khatib to get him to talk and, most importantly, working with Helena to put an end to Coady before helping the clone give birth to her “miracle babies.”  

Clone Swap: Sarah and M.K. Traded Places

The best part about this clone swap is how it’s done. In one shot, we watched Sarah and M.K. swap enough clothes for M.K. to take over pretending to be Rachel.

Clone Club Moment: Sarah’s Sestras Were There for Her as She Struggled with Their Freedom

OB S5 clone club moment.jpg
It wasn’t until this scene that Sarah admitted that she didn’t take the GED test and felt like she was still a bad mother, even with no one to fight as an excuse. But her sestras picked her up. Alison told her that she scared her daughter when she yelled at her, Helena shared that she let her babies eat sand even though she had no idea where it came from and Cosima said that she panicked when Felix gave her a baby to hold. They all make mistakes. They’re all scared. But they’re there for each other.

Which of these moments did you love the most? Can you think of any others that belong on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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